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Excy works like a conventional Upper Body Ergometer (UBE) in which a user can place it on a table and sit or stand to “pedal” with their hands for a light, moderate, or high-intensity workout to build upper-body muscular fitness, boost aerobic capacity, and burn calories. While those recovering from lower-body injuries often use Excy as an upper body ergometer to stay active during an injury, pedaling with your arms can be an amazing cardio and strength-training workout for all. There are so many ways to use Excy as an upper body ergometer, ranging from simple arm cranking on your kitchen counter, to pedaling arms from the comforts of your couch, to upper body aerobic and anaerobic workouts on the floor. Not only is Excy more fun compared to other arm workouts, but you will also firm and tone gorgeous arms and shoulders without ever lifting a weight or stepping into a gym.

Arm Cycling Cardio and Strength Training

Use Upper Body to Build Cardio Fitness and Tone


Similar in quality upper body ergometers in physical therapy clinics, Excy provides an upper body rotational experience for both skilled athletes and physically challenged individuals, however Excy is different in several ways:

  • Sleek portable design allows you to use Excy as an arm bike anywhere with an incredibly small footprint
  • Active adjustable resistance puts the rider is in complete control of cadence and intensity
  • Wider variety of bi-directional resistance for a broader range of upper body cross-training, rehabilitation, and performance
  • Easy adjustability allows for greater versatility of sitting, standing, and crouched positions from a chair, the floor, or a sturdy table surface
  • Those with leg injuries or limited mobility can create full upper body exercise routines to maintain fitness without going to a gym


Excy also works as a recumbent exercise bike, a full body cross trainer, a unicycle and more.

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