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Cutting Edge Simplicity and Utility

Strength Training. Anytime. Any Place.

Excy is a lightweight, compact, and portable full fledge upper body ergometer, recumbent exercise bike, and strength trainer in a tiny 10-pound package that folds for easy storage and transport. Because of its small size and simplicity, it’s easy to do while watching TV or anywhere at home with the family, on the go with friends, in the office at your desk, or while traveling for work or pleasure. Excy provides a broad range of light to high-intensity low impact workouts for toning the upper and lower-body, boosting aerobic capacity and burning calories.

Focus On Upper Body As a Way to Build Cardio Fitness

Engages More Upper Body Muscle Than Elliptical Machines

Fun, exciting, and innovative way for upper-body cardiovascular and strength conditioning. Match the calorie burn of an elliptical machine and engage more upper body muscles from a variety of difference angles. Sculpt arms, tighten your core, and get a great cardio workout using just your upper body without a single crunch, bicep curl, or trip to the gym.

We are finding our greatest success in helping active people with knee and leg injuries return to play. This process starts with immediately keeping their fitness levels up with upper body cardio and strength training and then transition into rehabilitation for their injury with assistance from their physical therapist. All on your own schedule and the audience of your choosing.

Having been an active runner and cardiovascular junkie for the last 40 plus years, the reality of having to have knee surgery and being advised I’d be non-weight bearing for six weeks sent more than a bit of anxiety and trepidation through my body. I needed something that would allow an upper body workout without engaging my knee in any movement at all. I couldn’t be happier having been able to implement different arms only workouts with Excy in varying motions, speed and intervals such that I’m able to get my daily dose of endorphins.



For the first time in years, I am consistently exercising at least 4 days a week because Excy is so convenient. I am noticing that my muscles are becoming more toned and I feel more energetic.


Take Excy Anywhere

Requires No Planning.

Cutting edge portable exercise cycling experience optimized for effectiveness and maximum comfort for indoor or outdoor full body training. Quickly converts into a recumbent exercise bike using any chair or a recumbent floor exercise cycle. Take Excy for a light spin, do quick high intensity interval bursts to burn 250 calories, or push yourself to crank out over 600 calories in an hour. Crank up the resistance to tone muscles more than you can with an exercise bike. It’s so quiet that you can ride and not disturb a sleeping baby, your spouse during their favorite TV show, or colleagues at the office.

Crank Up The After Burners

Double Dip On Anaerobic and Aerobic Bursts at High Resistance

If you prefer quick bursts for a fast calorie burn, want to boost your metabolism, and to build tone, Excy is the answer for full body anywhere burst play. Cross train between upper and lower body bursts to burn additional calories for hours after your workout and build lean muscle! Use isometric moves to really focus on strength training too!




  • Weighs 10 pounds
  • Folding portable exercise bike to store easily
  • Carry handle for portability


  • Folded: 28 x 15-5/8 x 6-1/8 in inches, L x W x H
  • Unfolded: 15-1/2 to 18-3/8 in inches, height (with Slide fully in and then fully out). Width 16 inches

Unmatched Resistance


  • Largest resistance range starting at easy to extreme difficult
  • 30 pounds of force at max tension
  • 10X the resistance force and 15X the resistance torque of other portable exercise bikes
  • Bi-directional
  • Push, pull, crank, or spin
  • Stepped indicator to easily monitor
  • Adjustable on the fly
  • Quiet
  • Digital thermometer to measure intensity with or without mobile app



  • Use any 9/16” standard pedal threads
  • Standing, sitting, kneeling workout options with Excy Keeper

Cross trainer:

  • Recumbent exercise bike or floor exercise cycle for lower body and upper body workouts
  • Upper body ergometer / Upper Body Cycle (table or floor)
  • Aerobic cardio training
  • Anaerobic upper body and lower body strength training