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Scalable to Any Level of Fitness



Portable and Efficient on Space to Ride Anywhere

Excy delivers the versatility of commercial quality of expensive exercise bikes and upper body ergometers, but in a single portable solution for a low-impact, total-body cardio and strength workout from a safe seated, kneeling, or lying down position. Those who are living with mobility challenges after an injury, joint replacement, surgery, cardiac event or stroke should talk to their doctor about using Excy to make a clinic/home connection that the patient can continue for a lifetime of exercise wellness. Excy is so light and portable that it’s easy to collaborate with your doctor or physical therapist who can give you personal guidance for Excy movements in the clinic, but also at home, work, or on the go. Excy is ready for the job as part pre-rehabilitation, rehabilitation, and post rehabilitation to return to play. Get the initial gentle cardio and range of motion exercise you need and then build strength and endurance for performance. Excy is always ready for the job and can scale to any level of fitness. See examples from physical therapists.

Recumbent Cycle Anywhere


We have a sleek, high quality portable recumbent exercise bike and ergometer that you can do surrounded by the people you want to spend time with, but the secret sauce is the Excy Keeper. This patented approach helps turn any chair into a comfortable recumbent exercise bike and opens up vast opportunities for full body ergometer training. Quality exercise bikes and ergometers are frequently used in PT clinics for rehab, but also as an essential exercise utility to manage diseases like Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, Fibromyalgia, heart disease, and more. In close coordination with your doctor and PT, Excy can be the perfect home and workplace companion for aerobic an anaerobic fitness to help those with physical challenges conveniently get the health benefits of an exercise bike or upper body ergometer anywhere.

High Quality Upper Body Ergometer with Minimal Footprint


One of the most underutilized exercise systems on the planet, the Upper Body Ergometer (UBE), is now accessible anywhere! Similar to a conventional Upper Body Ergometer, you place Excy on a table and can sit or stand to “pedal” with your hands for a moderate to high-intensity workout that builds upper body muscular fitness, boosts aerobic capacity, and burns calories. In this position, you can also use Excy to perform bicep curls, arm rows, and also crank it on the floor for strength training. Not only is it more fun compared to other arm workouts, but it is also designed to help firm and tone arms and shoulders without lifting weights or stepping into a gym. Patterns range from rotational cranks, to squatting over Excy and rowing backward to mimic a kayaking or rowing motion, doing small back and forth movements at high resistance to simulate weight lifting, and body weight exercises with your hands on the pedals to strengthen your back and shoulders. Your upper body needs the same attention as your lower body and vice versa. Whether young or older, people are often shocked at the amount of calories they can burn and toning that can be done by using Excy for upper body rotational and cranking exercises. It can feel like a life saver for those with leg injuries or limited mobility.

Functional Total Body Ergometer


Excy offers a comfortable total body workout that offers adjustable bi-directional resistance in both forward and reverse directions. You can work on mobility, joint stability, and strength training, all with the same piece of equipment. Because Excy is lightweight, portable and easy to set up, it’s easy to perform upper, lower or total body exercise for versatile rehab at home, work, or on the road. Active resistance allows stronger extremities to assist weaker ones. You can start with very easy resistance (2 pounds) and then scale (up to 70 pounds) to accommodate strength training programs to return to play.

What Experts Are Saying About Excy



“When I first heard about Excy I was intrigued and excited by the possibilities to use it both in the clinic with patients and at home. The Excy is very versatile, functioning both as a recumbent exercise bike and upper body ergometer that can be set up in many different configurations to always keep your workout fresh. Michele and the Excy team are dedicated to helping people from all walks of life improve their health, fitness, and quality of life. They continue to work hard providing exercise ideas via live streaming, Facebook, and YouTube, as well as the mobile coaching application. The app is also a great way for physical therapists to monitor if patients are using the Excy at home and progressing. The more we can create effective exercise programs at home, the greater the likelihood of both positive patient and clinic outcomes. I’m excited to see where the team takes this company.”

Julie Vanni

DPT, Biojunction Sports Therapy (Wallingford / West Seattle)

“We’ve had Excy in our clinic since October and I’ve been amazed by the system’s overall versatility and durability, yet very small footprint,” said Bill Hayner, PT, OCS, and FAAOMPT with MTI Physical Therapy in Bellevue, WA. “I love the heavier duty approach of the new XCS model and believe Excy can make a positive impact in home training, whether rehab, post rehab, or just wanting more movement. I think people will be impressed with Excy as an exercise bike, but find an unexpected friend in using Excy as an upper body arm bike, where you can actually burn more calories than spinning with your legs.”

Bill Hayner

PT, OCS, and FAAOMPT with MTI , Physical Therapy in Bellevue, WA.

“The Excy team has come up with a very compelling portable design with a bias for simplicity and utility,” said Andrew Cole, MD, who is board certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation specializing in spine, sports, musculoskeletal injuries, and rehabilitation. “The system offers a broad range of versatility for multiple exercise scenarios from athletic training to rehabilitation to weight loss and more. I’m excited about the upper body cycling as it is an under utilized exercise movement that allows you to match or exceed the calorie burn of cycling your legs. I look forward to seeing what the team does to make it easy for more people to include exercise into their daily routines.” Source

Andrew J. Cole

MD board certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation specializing in spine, sports, musculoskeletal injuries, and rehabilitation., Author and MD

“The road to recovering from or living with an injury isn’t just in the clinic. It’s at home, work, and wherever else life takes you,” said Erik Moen PT, Physical Therapist and CEO of Corpore Sano Physical Therapy in Kenmore, WA who specializes in bike fit, physical therapy for injury recovery, and sports performance evaluation and improvement. “Most portable cycling ergometer equipment is only designed for very light loads or basic range of motion. Excy’s broad resistance range, versatility, and durability is up for the job throughout the entire rehab life cycle, from getting back range of motion to building endurance and strength for performance.”

Erik Moen

Physical Therapist and CEO, Corpore Sano Physical Therapy in Kenmore, WA

“9 days Post ACL and medial Meniscectomy surgery I can’t believe I’m bending my knee this much. This is awesome and is going to be a huge game changer for getting more range of motion and strength back quicker. So excited that I feel so hopeful now for getting back in shape and rehab. This is such a great investment. Having it conveniently located in my room will make it actually get used frequently.”



Using Excy to Execise Post ACL Operation

“Twelve years ago I found myself 100+ pounds overweight. I decided I had enough. Changed my diet and started to use our gym at work. I built a gym in my home to make it easy to have gym access. I lost 110 lbs. Yay me! Ten years ago I was diagnosed with MS. And my exercise program took on a different mission. Keep moving to continue moving. When I saw Excy on King 5 I was thrilled! Anything to keep my exercise easier. That I can move Excy around is too cool. I can do an arm workout in the kitchen while my dogs are eating or I can go out on my deck to make a bench an exercise machine. I’ve been considering a second Excy at work. Love it!”


Uses Excy to Exercise with MS and Busy Schedule

“Having been an active runner and cardiovascular junkie for the last 40 plus years, the reality of having to have knee surgery and being advised I’d be non-weight bearing for six weeks sent more than a bit of anxiety and trepidation through my body. I needed something that would allow an upper body workout without engaging my knee in any movement at all. Like a beacon of sunshine coming through a storm, I discovered the Excy.  Now two weeks post op, I couldn’t be happier having been able to implement different arms only workouts with Excy in varying motions, speed and intervals such that I’m able to get my daily dose of endorphins. All of which helps my psyche and allows me to get though subsequent physical therapy on my leg without too much complaining. The Excy is a great machine that packs a mighty cardiovascular punch and is remarkably convenient and uniquely portable. I’m sure my addictive personality, and the joy of using the Excy, will have it remain part of my exercise routine even when I’m back up and running again!”


Uses Excy as an Exercise Bike Post ACL Surgery

“I started distance running when I turned 40 and ran five marathons from 1982 – 1986 (four in New York City and one in Boston). I’ve always been health conscious. I’m 76-years-old and in of March 2016, I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. One of the first things my doctor said is that exercise is the best way to slow the progression. I read all the research on Parkinson’s and exercise, especially the benefits of riding an exercise bike with Parkinson’s, and wanted to try exercise as my first line of defense. That’s when I got my Excy system and have been using it 4-days a week for almost a year. When I my legs hurt, exercising with Excy helps them feel better. I Iove that I can do it from any couch, which means no missed workouts. The more I exercise with Parkinson’s, the better I feel both physically and mentally. Excy is just so convenient, it’s easy to adjust, and simple to set up. I also do Yoga once a week with my wife and just started boxing twice a week. My wife says that exercise has given me back my life and I feel more energetic. Exercise is powerful medicine at any age and I appreciate how helpful Excy has been in providing easy access to exercise to improve my quality of life with Parkinson’s disease.”


Uses Excy as an Exercise Bike for Parkinson's Disease

“I am a senior and have been active my whole life while raising competitive kids who now are raising children of their own. I value energy to actively be involved with my grandkids, family, and friends. I would highly recommend Excy to a friend and have been very satisfied with my Excy system. It’s reliable, high quality, easy to use and fun. We can’t let age stop us from seeking the health benefits of exercise. I use Excy for arms and legs and mostly focus on using Excy as an exercise bike from a chair, which has been helpful post rehab after having my knee replaced. Excy is so convenient. It’s easy to operate and all around handy to have around. Being healthy is critical to independence and Excy is always there when and where I need it.


Uses Excy to Exercise Post Knee Replacement

“When I tore my ACL, I loved using Excy in the weeks before my surgery because I could do a great upper body workout and burn calories and also gently strengthen my leg muscles to prep for a better recovery. Two days after surgery, I was back at it with using Excy for upper body workouts in a fun and effective way. And three weeks after surgery, I started using Excy for my rehab with permission of my PT. Now, one year later, I use Excy several times a week and feel strong.”


Used Excy for Upper Body Workouts for ACL Surgery

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