Extra Stability with the Excy Stability Bar


Work Upper and Lower Body Muscles from a Variety of Angles


Excy delivers strong gym-quality bi-directional resistance in a very unique way to accommodate a wide variety of strength training and range of motion upper body workouts. Patterns range from squatting over Excy and rowing backward to mimic a kayaking or rowing motion, doing small back and forth movements at high resistance to simulate weight lifting, and body weight exercises with your hands on the pedals to strengthen your back and shoulders. Adding the Excy Stability Bar makes it easy to take advantage of the full capabilities of the Excy System!

Sit and Cycle from Your Chair

Easy to Do While Watching TV or at Your Desk

You can use Excy as a chair cycle with or without the stability bar, but the Stability Bar opens up opportunities for higher intensity from a chair. You simply place Excy on the floor in front of a chair for a quick light to moderate or intense ride depending on the system you purchase.

Upper Body Cardio and Strength Training Workouts

Torch Calories Using Just Your Arms and Tone!

Simply place the Excy cycling system with the bar attached for higher intensity on a tabletop or floor surface and start pedaling with your arms in forward or reverse motions at your desired level of resistance. Whether looking to tone muscles, increase range of motion, or to maintain cardiovascular fitness after suffering a leg injury, Excy is ready for the job. The XCS 200 Series has a broader resistance range of 2-70 pounds for the broadest possible range of strength training, but the XCT 100 Series has plenty too with a range of 0-35.

Why the Excy Stability Bar?

Most people looking for a fully body workout option will want the Excy Stability Bar to open up the full capabilities of their investment. The addition will give you more confidence to get that pelvis up to really engage the core until you can do it on your own. In the floor position with the Bar, you can hammer Excy even harder to get a lower body workout for sculpting lean glutes, quads, and calves, and an amazing core workout. The addition of the Bar will also allow you to crank Excy harder when you just get started with your arms while on the floor for an awesome upper body workout. Rotating between arms and legs is a great way to burn calories and build strength. Excy Stability Bar models are highly recommended for most, including special needs children, people with injuries, those with chronic pain or illness, those recovering from rehab, seniors, as well as for anyone who is just getting started on their fitness journey. The new Excy XCS 120 and Excy XCT 120 models are available as stand-alone systems that embrace instability and are designed for advanced riders who are capable of controlled forced movements that are required to keep the Excy system stable. In the new Excy XCS 200 Series, all other options include the Excy Stability Bar, which is removable in the XCS 180 model. The Excy Stability Bar is removable across all XCT 100 Series.