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“After more than 20 years of working as a dental hygienist and starting to experience hand and wrist pain, using Excy as an upper body arm bike has really helped strengthen my wrists, forearms, and shoulders. I’m very active with running, yoga, paddle boarding, hiking, and more, but finding time during the week to squeeze in enough exercise is challenging after a long day of work, especially during colder months. Before Excy, I might come home and unwind with a glass of red wine, but now I unwind frequently with an amazing Excy workout at home. Not only do the Excy upper body workouts help ease the pain in my wrist and shoulders, it has also helped increase my strength so I can work longer more comfortably as I age in a career that is predisposed to hand, wrist, and arm injuries. Excy is also helping me prepare for mini triathlons in the spring and the versatility of Excy’s upper body cardio and strength training workouts are a key aspect of my training for swimming and biking.”


“Since playing soccer in high school and college, I’ve considered myself a runner. But between work and home life, there’s never enough time to run as much as I’d like during the week. Even if there was enough time, my joints wouldn’t be happy. Excy is a perfect supplement to my running schedule and it helps me get more activity during the week while still spending time at home with the kids and without disrupting our schedule. It takes up no space. You can really crank hard for a serious calorie burn or take it for a light spin. It’s great for people of all ages and all levels of fitness. My favorite Excy position is sitting on the floor and transitioning between arm and leg cycling workouts at higher levels of resistance and intensity.”


“As a long-time cardio and strength training enthusiasts, my health and fitness levels has always been an important part of my life from the time I was a teenager to a 25 year career in the Navy as a diver and nurse, to now being a member of a search and rescue dive team. I have been running, surfing, hiking, and lifting weights nearly my entire adult life. Years of running has taken its toll on my knees and I also have had tendonitis in my forearm that cortisone shots have been unable to reduce the pain. I love that I can cycle Excy for a great cardio workout with my legs with no impact on my knees. The upper body cardio and strength training workouts have helped eliminate the pain in my forearm and I’ve really been able to focus on strengthening my core. Excy offers so much versatility with bi-directional resistance that it truly is muscle confusion at its best. I am completely addicted to Excy as part of my daily workout routine.”


“As a full-time speech pathologist and mother of two active kids, crushing a workout routine consistently is tough when it feels like you are constantly crunched for time. I work hard to squeeze in two short and one long run per week as I train for the next half marathon, but finding time to cross train for optimal performance felt nearly impossible until I started using Excy. I love that I can squeeze in a high-intensity interval upper body workout with Excy while watching TV at night after a long day of work. With resistance cranked up, these short interval workouts are tough and totally efficient. I also use Excy during our everyday routine as an exercise bike. For example, I take it to my son’s baseball games and pedal away, as well as my daughter’s dance classes. Excy makes it so much easier to squeeze in a quality workout whenever and wherever I want, which is why it has bubbled up to the top of my training lists.”


“Having been an active runner and cardiovascular junkie for the last 40 plus years, the reality of having to have knee surgery and being advised I’d be non-weight bearing for six weeks sent more than a bit of anxiety and trepidation through my body. I needed something that would allow an upper body workout without engaging my knee in any movement at all. Like a beacon of sunshine coming through a storm, I discovered the Excy.  Now two weeks post op, I couldn’t be happier having been able to implement different arms only workouts with Excy in varying motions, speed and intervals such that I’m able to get my daily dose of endorphins. All of which helps my psyche and allows me to get though subsequent physical therapy on my leg without too much complaining. The Excy is a great machine that packs a mighty cardiovascular punch and is remarkably convenient and uniquely portable. I’m sure my addictive personality, and the joy of using the Excy, will have it remain part of my exercise routine even when I’m back up and running again!”


“Excy helps motivate me to exercise while watching television. I even took it on vacation to stay active. I like the comfort of using Excy as a recumbent exercise bike with my own chair.”


“For the first time in years, I am consistently exercising at least 4 days a week because Excy is so convenient. I am noticing that my muscles are becoming more toned and I feel more energetic. I have struggled with muscle weakness due to being diagnosed with fibromyalgia and being treated for Lyme disease. I needed something that was portable and convenient since exercising can be difficult. I work and also have two little kids, so have time limitations in my day. Excy is so convenient and gets you moving while being able to spend time with your family, checking email, or catching up on social media. It is the only exercise routine that I have been able to actually stick with.”


“I do a lot of driving for work and the last thing I want to do after a long day on the road is go to a hotel gym, so I use Excy in my hotel room. It’s easy to place in the car, carry to the room, and do a quick workout after a long day of meetings. Since I’m on the road so much, when I’m home, I want to be home with my family. Excy is an effective, good, and simple workout that I can do while spending time with my wife and kids. We even have competitions to see who can generate the most power on Excy. I’ve been able to lose weight and have more energy. My favorite position is transitioning between using Excy as a recumbent exercise bike and upper body cycle while sitting on the couch.”


“I grew up riding horses, which I did competitively through college, and my health has always been a priority. But having kids and running the household make it hard to squeeze in enough exercise. I recently tore my ACL and meniscus while playing tennis and was worried about gaining weight and losing my fitness during my recovery. By using Excy as an upper body arm cycle, I’ve been able to get my heart rate up and stay active, even while on crutches and not being able to drive a car. I’m now using Excy as part of my knee rehab and to supplement my physical therapy. Excy offers so much versatility for upper and lower body workouts and a level of convenience I’ve never seen for a total body workout. It really is a total gym in a small, lightweight package. Our whole family uses Excy. My kids think it’s fun and my husband cycles while watching television. My favorite position is turning the couch into a recumbent exercise bike to spin while watching television with the family.”


“Being a busy mom, I know how difficult it is to find time in my schedule to fit in exercise. I’m often at school, offsite working, at taekwondo or soccer practices, meets, or games. Plus, I live in a small house, and space is a premium. Excy is sincerely the best exercise equipment for my busy lifestyle, hands down. I use it on my arms and legs, but mostly legs. It’s easy to set up, and I can use it laying down on the floor, or sitting up on a chair or couch. Did I mention that I live in a small house? Since the Excy folds up flat, it is SO COMPACT it takes up a minimum amount of space in my home. Also, since it is compact, it takes up little space in my (small) car, along with the kids, soccer gear, camping chairs to watch the soccer practices, and taekwondo gear that I cart around as well. It’s just a brilliant invention for cardio and strength training.”


“After having our second baby, Excy has helped me so much on so many levels – getting active again, losing baby weight, toning my arms, and more. Plus, my two year-old even likes to sit on the floor and pedal Excy with his hands! I never thought I’d have to share a piece of exercise equipment with my child, but we all love it. Also, I live in 840 sq ft house, so ease of storage is huge! My favorite position is on the floor and cycling with my arms.”


“Excy is such a unique piece of exercise equipment and will help you tone up. I’ve lost almost 20 pounds and appreciate that it’s not a huge piece of equipment that takes up space in our home. My main motivation has been for weight loss and I noticed I feel toned in my arms. I can watch TV, read social media, and sit in the room with the rest of the family. It’s so easy to set up. My favorite Excy position is sitting on the couch and alternating back and forth between the recumbent exercise bike and upper body cycle positions.”


“I am getting more activity with Excy. It’s easy to come home after work, set it up, and start cycling while I watch the news and dinner is cooking. I just turned 50 and work full-time, so I need to get my body moving. I was ready to buy a stationary bike for my living room and Excy is the perfect solution because it’s compact, quick, and easy to use. I usually sit in a chair or lay on the floor. I like the floor best because it doesn’t strain my back and I can get more power in pedaling.”


“I have a horrible shoulder with a torn rotator cuff and arthritis. I’ve been using Excy as an upper body arm cycle and for the first time in years, I can reach behind my back and pull my sleeve off, whereas before my husband had to help me. I use it every day, and sometimes twice a day and it’s nice to get range of motion back. My favorite position is placing Excy on the table to use like an upper body ergometer. Excy is so light and compact that seniors like me can easily move it around.”


“I recently tore my ACL and meniscus. I loved using Excy in the weeks before my surgery because I could do a great upper body workout and burn calories and also gently strengthen my leg muscles to prep for a better recovery. Two days after surgery, I was back at it with using Excy for upper body workouts in a fun and effective way. And 3 weeks after surgery, I started using Excy for my rehab with permission of my PT. My kids also love using Excy when they get home from school.”


“I use Excy for weight loss while my kids use it for fun. It’s great to see them watching TV and exercising vs. just sitting. I would recommend Excy to anyone. I love its convenience. My favorite position is placing myself in a push up position while cycling my legs, as well as using it as a recumbent exercise bike while watching TV or reading.”


“Our kids Excy while playing video games and really enjoy the ability to pedal backwards. It’s a great portable solution that is easy to store out of the way. The kids like using it as a recumbent chair cycle.”

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