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U.S. Marine Leigh Sumner Doesn’t Let Spinal Cord Injury Stop Her From Winning Gold in DoD Warrior Games

Hurricane Fran left a lot of damage in its wake that still impacts the area today, but U.S. Marine Corps Lt. Col.(ret.) Leigh Sumner, who was left partially paralyzed from a spinal cord injury during the cleanup efforts, the impact will always be with her. But, the...

Excy Upgrades Mobile Coach Platform with Upper Body Exercises for XCR 300 Arm Ergometer

New Mobile Coach Makes Upper Body Exercises for the XCR 300 Available for Anytime, Anywhere Training We are excited to announce an upgraded version of our free Mobile Coach platform. All designed to empower individuals, rehab professionals, and personal trainers to...

Is Inclusive Adaptive Training Important? HealthYeah!

Adaptive Training Requires Inclusive Design for a Wide Range of Impairments In today’s Excy’s HealthYeah live interview, we got to sit down with Coach Tara Morgan, the founder and head coach for Seize The Oar about the sport of adaptive rowing. As a long-time athlete...


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