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The standard Excy pedal makes it easy to pedal with your hands or legs without worrying about swapping them out and offers a great ergonomic position for all workouts. For those who are interested in special hand cranks or medical foot pedals, these offer a good ergonomic alternative. You can use any 9/16″ foot or hand pedal!

New! Excy Hang On Bar to Power Up Floor Cycling


Smartphone Holder for Easier Coaching


NEW! Hang in There (HIT) Adaptive Foot Pedal

$379 (Pair) / $189 (Single)

Hand Pedals

(alternative with low extremity mobility)


New! Dual-Purpose Hand Foot Pedal


Volume-Based Pricing Available Upon Request

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Once you place an order for the Excy total-body exercise bike, you will be charged for the total amount of your purchase.

Systems will be mailed within 5 days of your purchase.

Return Policy (30 Day Money Back Guarantee):
While all exercise equipment promises to help you burn calories, tone, get more activity, etc., sometimes a buyer realizes AFTER they buy the equipment that they just won’t use it because they don’t have time, find it socially isolating, or busy schedules just get in the way. At Excy, we built a high quality total-body exercise bike to be used anywhere, anytime and to make the choice to move more extremely convenient. If you buy an Excy and know within 30 days that you won’t use it, we’d love it back as it was never designed to be just another piece of exercise equipment collecting dust!

If you choose to return your Excy system after the 30-day period, a restocking fee will apply. Credit for all returns will be refunded in the same manner as the original payment. We ask that all Excy products must be returned undamaged in original packaging. To process a return, simply contact our at team excy (at) excy (dot) com. Please contact us with subject line “Return Request” and your serial number so that we can provide you with the return authorization number and the return shipping address needed to process the return within a timely manner. Shipping cost will be deducted from refunded amount.

Product Return Policy:
* 0-30 days – no charge, if you are not happy, send it back undamaged, no questions asked.
Trial Period Beyond 30 Days
* 31 days – 60 days the restocking fee is 15% of the purchase price.
* 61 days – 90 days the restocking fee is 25% of the purchase price.
* 91 days – 6 months the restocking fee is 35% of the purchase price.
* No product returns are accepted after 6 months from the date of purchase.
Additional Fees:
* 50% for any damaged metal part (such as bent, dinged, smashed)
* 10% for every metal part that has damaged paint.
* 5% for every plastic part that has damage.

P.S. If you decide to return, that’s ok! Excy is all about making things your choice. If you have found support and inspiration in our Excy Family community, it’s your choice to stay connected with us across our private social media group to help encourage others on their health journey.

Excy Limitless Warranty

Excy Corp. shall cover the labor cost for the repair of defective Excy total-body exercise bike parts for a period of 12 months from the date of original purchase, so long as the Excy cycling system remains in the possession of the original owner. If there is a defective component, we will arrange to return it and fix it at our cost. Limited Home-Use Warranty valid only in the United States.

If you believe your Excy system has a defective component, contact us at You may be asked to provide a detailed description, photographs or a video to explain the problem. We will try to make this process as easy as possible, but we do need to understand the problem to help you get it fixed.

Limits to Coverage

This limited warranty does not cover defects that did not exist before the date of purchase. Specifically, this limited warranty does not cover any defect caused by:

Damage or failure due to normal wear and tear, improper maintenance, theft, or installation of parts or accessories not originally intended for or compatible with the Excy System as sold.

Surface scratches, surface corrosion or rust, discoloration of paint, or anything related to improper use.

Damage or failure due to accident, abuse, corrosion, neglect, theft, vandalism, fire, flood, wind, lightning, freezing, or other natural disasters of any kind, unusual atmospheric conditions, collision, introduction of foreign objects into the resistance webbing, or modifications that are unauthorized or not recommended by Excy Corp.

Incidental or consequential damages. Excy Corp. is not responsible or liable for indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages, economic loss, loss of property or profits, loss of enjoyment or use, or other consequential damages of any nature whatsoever in connection with the purchase, use, repair or maintenance of the equipment. Excy Corp. does not provide monetary or other compensation for any such repairs or replacement parts costs.

Equipment used for commercial purposes or for any use other than a single family or household, unless endorsed by Excy for coverage.

Delivery, assembly, installation, setup for original or replacement units or labor or other costs associated with removal or replacement of Excy.

Any attempt to repair this equipment creates a risk of injury. Excy is not responsible or liable for any damage, loss or liability arising from any personal injury incurred during the course of, or as a result of, any repair or attempted repair of your Excy equipment by other than an authorized service technician. All repairs attempted by you on your Excy equipment are undertaken AT YOUR OWN RISK and Excy Corp. shall have no liability for any injury to person or property arising from such repairs.

The warranty is limited to replacing or repairing, at the servicer’s and/or manufacturers sole option, the same or a comparable model.

Replacement units, parts and electronic components reconditioned to as-new condition by Excy Corp. or its vendors may sometimes be supplied as warranty replacement and constitute fulfillment of warranty terms.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and your rights may vary from states to state.

Normal Wear and Tear

The wear and tear of these parts is excluded from any warranty. The service life of these parts will depend on the conditions under which the Excy cycling system is used.

As with all mechanical components, the Excy cycling system is subjected to wear and tear and high stresses. If the design life of a component has been exceeded, it may fail possibly causing injury or property damage. If the life of a component has been reached, it should be replaced. You can order replacement parts directly through Excy at


Due to their use, the Bumpers are subject to wear and tear, especially when used on outdoor surfaces. You will need to replace the bumpers when visibly worn and they have reached their wear limit.

Keeper and Mat

Due to their use, the Keeper and Mat are subject to wear and tear. The fabric will wear and degrade, especially when used on outdoor surfaces. You will need to replace the Keeper and Mat when there are noticeable tear or fabric fibers are showing, at which point they will have reached wear limits.

Toggle Ties

Due to their use, the Ties are subject to high dynamic forces while Excy is in use. Please check these parts regularly for visible fraying or damage and replace them if necessary.


Due to their use, the Toggles are subject to high dynamic forces while Excy is in use. Please check these parts regularly for visible damage and replace them if necessary.

Rubber Bands

Due to their use, the Rubber Bands are subject to stretching. Please check elasticity regularly for visible damage and replace them if necessary.

Voiding Your Excy Limited Warranty

You void your warranty by:

Improper use for which the Excy cycling system is not intended.

Making any unauthorized modifications to the Excy frame or components.