Explore the Exercise Possibilities

You Control the Resistance. You Control the Pace. You Control the Results.

Excy offers the most convenient, inclusive, and highest quality portable full-body resistance cycling experience that is always ready where you live, work, and play. You’ll have 24X7 anytime access cardio, strength training, range of motion, isometrics, and core training, plus on-demand training, video tutorials from physical therapists, and guided mobile training. Whether you’re an athlete, living with injury or limited mobility, or have a busy schedule, Excy can help get the results you want.

Sports Performance

The new XCR 300 embraces  upper body resistance-based actions up and down the height of a power weight rack. For any athlete with overhead motions (swimming, baseball, basketball, tennis and more), these can be critical muscles to engage and strengthen while also increasing cardio output. It’s also great upper body conditioning for athletes to build endurance and strength.


Exercise at Home and Work

Excy is best known for its XCS 200 dual-purpose recumbent exercise bike and upper body ergometer capabilities, but the platform is also optimized for over 50 different light to intense exercises. This includes high intensity exercises like unicycling, body weight planks, and bridge core cycling exercises, but also lower intensity and important training for strength training and cardio.


Therapeutic and Rehabilitation

XCS 200

The XCS 200 series is used in hospitals like Stanford Health, Northore University Hospital, and the sports medicine center at University of the Pacific and other clinics around the country. The system folds for easy storage and transport, allowing PTs and nurses to carry the benefits of big heavy equipment like a recumbent exercise bike or UBE to their patients with almost no footprint. There are so many exercises to choose from in bed, sitting in a chair, lying down and more. For more versatility, explore the XCS Pro.


Upper Extrimity Rehabilitation

XCR 300

In a clinic, at training facility, or in a home, physical therapist, caretakers, and trainers can work with their patients to strengthen and condition their upper body, as well as get a cardiovascular workout, by only using their arms. In addition, it’s easy to use to focus on range of motion exercise, trunk stabilization, and to help patients stay fit while injured. The flexibility of the system allows for light to vigorous workout, making it easy to work with a patient throughout the entire life cycle of an injury.