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Consistently Add Exercise to Your Daily Routine

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Excy Portable Stationary Recumbent Exercise Bike

Watch TV. Check Social Media. Do Conference Calls. All While Pedaling a Recumbent Exercise Bike.

Turn any chair into a quality recumbent exercise bike to get safe and effective exercise without disrupting your routine. The Excy XCS 200 series marries the power of low impact cardio with resistance training to meet the recumbent exercise bike needs of those looking to stay healthy, yet the system only weighs 14 pounds and folds for easy storage and transport. With five adjustable heights for recumbent cycling, we make it easy to pedal for cardio, strength training, or range of motion exercises anywhere while watching TV, sitting at your desk, playing video games, checking social media or even on the sidelines of your kid’s sports activities.The system is super quiet, so you will not disturb the family or those around you. See how it works as a recumbent exercise bike.

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Excy Upper Body Ergometer

Tone Arms. Sculpt Shoulders. Enjoy the Cardio and Strength Training Benefits of a Quality Upper Body Ergometer Anywhere

In addition to being a convenient recumbent exercise bike, the Excy XCS 200 series also simulates the same cardio and strength training offered by upper body ergometers frequently used in gyms and by rehabilitation centers, but with a minimal footprint for use at home, work, or on the go. With 2-70 pounds of bi-directional resistance, no other portable arm ergometer comes close to matching the efficiency of using Excy to build upper body cardio fitness, strength, and core stability. Whether looking to tone arms and shoulders, wanting to train hard while recovering from a leg injury, or to work on upper extremity rehabilitation, Excy provides an amazing way to build upper body aerobic and anaerobic capacity from seated, kneeling, and standing positions while burning an estimated 9 – 11 calories per minute. See how it works.

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Excy Total Body Exerciser Offers Functional Training, Recumbent Exercise Bike Workouts and Upper Body Ergometer Workouts

Improve Balance and Core Strength

Improve trunk stability and balance through a combination of pelvic centric bridge cycling exercises, rowing exercises, single-leg strength training exercises and advanced body weight exercises like bear crawls and planks married with upper body cardio training. It has never been easier to enjoy more time, places, and flexibility to get the benefits of resistance strength training without the barriers of big, expensive, and socially disconnected exercise equipment. Our bi-directional resistance is unmatched at 20X the resistance of other portable systems and 30X torque force. We have engineered the cycling system for easy to rugged heavy-duty workout loads.

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Exercise While Lying Down–Floor and Bed Cycling for Arms and Legs

From the comfort of home or while traveling, easily cycle your legs while lying down on the floor or partially sitting up in bed. Whether battling a condition like POTS, MS, Parkinson’s, Lymphedema or simply wanting the convenience to exercise in bed or lying down on the floor, Excy opens up numerous pedal exercises using small back and forth motions, isometric exercises, or full bi-directional circles. Our patented approach prevents the system from scooting away from the rider. Riders can also pedal arms in bed for an amazing cardio workout, even with a leg injury or post surgery.

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Build Strong Cycling Legs with Advanced Stand-Up Unicycle and Stair Stepping

Use the Excy XCS 200 series to take quick high intensity interval breaks with the unicycle exercise bike or step cycle workout positions at your standup desk or at home. The unicycle exercise bike position will make any treadmill or elliptical machine look easy and is especially useful in helping injured athletes return to play with a focus on leg and core strength. Cyclists love this one for low impact endurance training. Pedal in reverse to work opposing muscles for a great training experience. Add TRX Bands for core, balance, and return to sport training after an injury.

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Mobile Coach Serves Up On-Demand, Live, and Guided Workouts

Free mobile coaching application offers up fresh new ideas and tracks results! It’s like having a personal trainer in your back pocket. On-demand training serves up ideas of the recumbent exercise bike, upper body ergometer, and total body exerciser workouts! You get 25 physical therapy guided videos, 6 guided interval workouts, 2 customized interval timers, 20+ visual illustrations, and can track intensity, duration, calories, and inspiration.

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Excy XCS 200 Specs

  • Lightweight 13.3 to 14 pounds
  • Storage position varies: L33” x W13.5” x H16.5”  to  L30” x W18”x H5.5”
  • 2-70 LBS bi-directional resistance force
  • 20X the resistance force and 30X the resistance torque of other portable exercise bikes
  • Large resistance knob
  • Bi-directional quiet resistance
  • 6″ steel crank accommodate any 9/16″ pedal
  • Thermal sensor to measure output
  • No assembly required
  • No weight limit (except standing position at 220 pounds)
  • Easy to carry
  • Adjustable heights and length
  • Disinfects safely with CaviWipes, AHP wipes, etc.
  • Stabilizer bumpers
  • Multi-purpose foot pedal (hand pedal accessory available)
  • Heavy duty metal construction. Powder coated.
  • Recyclable packaging

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“Excy is a Full-Fledged Exercise Bike in a Tiny Package” — LifeHacker



Bob, Marathon Runner Diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease Uses the Recumbent Exercise Bike and Upper Body Ergometer Positions to Help Fight the Progression of the Disease and Symptoms

"Excy is just so easy to use and setup with Parkinson's"

Angie, Dental Hygienist Uses the Upper Body Ergometer Workouts for Wrists, Forearms, and Shoulders

"Excy has helped increase my strength so I can work longer more comfortably"

Mary, Uses Recumbent Exercise Bike and Floor Cycling Positions Post Knee Replacement Surgery

"Excy is so easy and convenient to operate"

Sue, Uses the Recumbent Exercise Bike Workouts Post Torn ACL for Upper and Lower Body Cycling Workouts for Range of Motion and to Build Strength and Endurance

"Excy is such a great investment"









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