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Offering benefits of big heavy equipment, without the weight or footprint! Explore the XCS 200 series and the new XCR 300 for convenient access to lower and upper body resistance cycling training for a wide range of physical conditions, pain and performance levels, and limited mobility challenges. Our patented approach opens up a world of possibilities to enjoy the known benefits up lower and upper body cycling from seated, standing, and lying down positions. For more versatility in hospitals, explore the XCS Pro.

The XCS 200 Series

The World’s Highest Quality and Most Versatile Portable Full-Body Cycling System


Safely cycle yourself strong where you live, work, and play. The XCS series turns any chair into a quality recumbent exercise bike, tones and sculpt arms with versatile upper body ergometer positions, and strengthens legs with floor, desk, and step cycling. Quiet, bi-directional resistance with 2-70 pounds of resistance allows you to pedal with light or heavy forces.

 XCR 300

The World’s First Upper Body Ergometer for Power Racks and Squats

Compact. Light. Years Ahead! Near zero footprint. 2-70 pounds of bi-directional resistance. XCR 300 turns power racks into quality upper body cardio, strength training, range of motion, and core stabilization machines. Easy wheelchair access. If you have a weight rack, you will want an XCR 300!

Mobile Coach Serves Up On-Demand, Live, and Guided Workouts

  • 25 physical therapy guided videos (online and mobile)
  • 6 guided interval training workouts
  • 2 customized interval clocks, including forward and backwards prompts
  • Track intensity output, duration, estimated calories
  • Visual illustrations (online, mobile, and printed)

Easily create customized exercise programs through our collaboration with PT-Helper. Physical therapists can pick an Excy exercise and easily customize duration, hold time, recovery time, rest time, repetitions, sets, and more.

Meet the Excy Product Family

The most versatile, multi-purpose portable resistance cycling training device for performance sports, health and fitness, and therapeutics exercise for upper body, lower body, and core training. All systems are capable of light to athletic performance levels for cardio, strength training, and range of motion exercises.

Enjoy Our Spring Into Health Sale!

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XCS 240

Retail: $699

Save $80

Now $619!

Portable recumbent exercise bike, upper body ergometer, desk cycle, step cycle, bed cycle, lying down cycle.

XCS 260

Retail: $799

Save $80

Now $719!

All capabilities of the XCS 240, but offers a superior recumbent exercise bike position and rowing experience.

XCR 300

Retail: $999

Save $80

Now $819!

Turn power weight racks into quality upper body ergometers and core stabilizer trainers.

Hospital Package

Retail: $1,199

Save $100

Now $1,099

Carry to patients in oncology, ICU, geriatrics, etc. All benefits of XCS 260, but wider Keeper base and versatile pedaling accessories.

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