Convenient Gym Quality Portable Exercise Bike, Upper Body Ergometer, and Full Body Resistance Trainer

Unmatched Resistance, Versatility, and Quality

Designed, Manufactured, and Assembled in the U.S.A.


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Sleek Indoor / Outdoor Durable Portable Design

Portable. Compact. Light.

Weighing just 14 pounds, yet offering 2-70 pounds of resistance, Excy offers the first-ever gym quality full body portable exercise bike and upper body ergometer with live and on-demand coaching designed for high intensity interval (HIIT), quick intense bursts, and strength training anywhere. Excy is optimized for effectiveness and maximum comfort for indoor or outdoor low impact full body training. With an ultra compact footprint, yet sturdy design, you will never be isolated to a facility, a room, or even four walls. Patented approach makes Excy the perfect utility for home training, physical therapy, and post-rehab at home, work, or on the go.

Full Body Versatility Limited Only By Your Imagination

Within seconds, Excy can be easily converted into a gym quality recumbent exercise bike, upper body ergometer, full body resistance-based gym, or a unicycle exercise bike. Because of its small size and simplicity, it’s easy to do while watching TV or anywhere at home with the family, on the go with friends, at your desk, or while traveling. Bi-directional resistance is adjustable on the fly and can quickly go from light to up to 70 pounds in the Excy XCS 200 Series with simple twists of a knob. Crank up the resistance and max out your workout to engage more upper body and lower body muscle compared to an elliptical machine or exercise bike without taking up room in your home, office, car, or life.

Durable Metal Craftsmanship

Designed and manufactured in the United States, Excy has been engineered for maximum stability and holds up for rugged heavy-duty workout loads and the rigors of life. Other portable exercise bikes and ergometers are great for low intensity use and basic range of motion, but at higher levels of even moderate intensity the devices scoot away from the user and can’t tolerate high levels of torque. They are also loud. Excy has eliminated these challenges, even at high levels of intensity, with a sleek high quality device and a patented approach that allows riders to use their body weight and a flexible material called the Excy Keeper to prevent scooting. This allows us to serve a broad range of Excy riders from fitness beginners to competitive athletes, but also those suffering from injuries like torn ACLs, frozen shoulders, joint pain from running, and from diseases like Parkinson’s and diabetes with the supervision of their doctor or physical therapist. You will not outgrow Excy’s resistance capabilities, so you can always push yourself to be your personal best in every workout as your fitness levels improve.

Quick and Easy Set-Up

Easily folded for storage and transport, Excy offers over 100 anywhere, anytime low impact workouts that make it easy to intersperse all-out intense short bursts, HIIT, or longer duration cardio for complete aerobic and anaerobic workouts. Riders can easily rotate between arm and leg workouts and crank up the resistance to match or exceed the calorie expenditure and strength training offered in similar high-end equipment like BowFlex Max, Peloton Cycle, Krankcycle, Total Gym, expensive physical therapy equipment, and row machines frequently found in CrossFit gyms. However, the Excy full body ergometer approach integrates all workouts into a portable gym quality exercise device that requires minimal space. There are no weight restrictions since exercise positions rely on your own comfortable chair or surface of choice. The standing unicycle and step weight limit for the XCS 200 Series is 220 pounds.

Free Live and On-Demand Training


Live and on-demand training videos allow you to choose from a vast library of workout ideas that you want, when you want. Follow live and on-demand streaming challenges at Excy.LIVE or download the Excy mobile coaching application to customize your workouts or follow guided workouts. Learn more.Mobile Coach

  • Live and on-demand video workouts and tutorials
  • Custom burst play interval training workout to create your own workouts
  • Six light to high-intensity guided workouts
  • Set goals and track progress
  • Set inspirational photo reminders

Excy is a perfect supplement to my running schedule and it helps me get more activity during the week while still spending time at home with the kids and without disrupting our schedule.



I love that I can squeeze in a high-intensity interval upper body workout with Excy while watching TV at night after a long day of work. With resistance cranked up, these short interval workouts are tough and totally efficient.


I love that I can cycle Excy for a great cardio workout with my legs with no impact on my knees. The upper body cardio and strength training workouts have helped eliminate the pain in my forearm and I’ve really been able to focus on strengthening my core. Excy offers so much versatility with bi-directional resistance that it truly is muscle confusion at its best.


Unmatched Versatility and Quality in a Portable Device

Turn Any Chair Into a Recumbent Exercise Bike

Recumbent exercise bikes are popular pieces of exercise equipment that are often seen in gyms, physical therapy clinics and fitness clubs, but they are also great for the home. The challenge is that quality recumbent bikes for home fitness require a lot of space and isolates riders to a room. Excy takes a different patented approach using the Excy Keeper to turn a comfortable couch, chair, or even a park bench into a recumbent exercise bike that easily connects exercise to everyday life. You can do a light workout from nearly any chair and in a sturdy chair, you can really push yourself with a solid high intensity recumbent exercise bike workout. It’s easy to use Excy as a recumbent bike while watching TV, move it room to room at home, or even at work or while traveling. Excy requires such a small footprint and folds for easy storage and transport. You can leave it anywhere at home, work, or on the go. Put it anywhere that it will stare you in the face, begging you to turn a sedentary moment into an opportunity for physical activity.

The optimal recumbent exercise bike models are the XCS 260 and XCS 280 or the XCT 160 or XCT 180.


Enjoy a Quality Upper Body Ergometer Design

Excy works like a conventional Upper Body Ergometer (UBE) in which a user can place it on a table and sit or stand to “pedal” with their hands for a light, moderate, or high-intensity workout to build upper-body muscular fitness, boost aerobic capacity, and burn calories. While those recovering from lower-body injuries often use Excy as an upper body ergometer to stay active during an injury, pedaling with your arms can be an amazing cardio and strength-training workout for all. There are so many ways to use Excy as an upper body ergometer, ranging from simple arm cranking on your kitchen counter, to pedaling arms from the comforts of your couch, to upper body aerobic and anaerobic workouts on the floor. Not only is Excy more fun compared to other arm workouts, but you will also firm and tone gorgeous arms and shoulders without ever lifting a weight or stepping into a gym.

Advanced Stand-Up Unicycle and Stair Stepping

The health benefits of unicycling are hard to ignore, as it is known to be great for the body, but also for the mind. In the Excy XCS 200 series, we’ve worked on bringing you a unicycle exercise bike experience for the ultimate in fun and fitness. We are also big fans of the old StairMasters and have incorporated a stair stepping experience. Not only will these two positions tone your legs and buttocks, but they will also work your core. With our freestyle approach that puts you in charge of your cadence, cranking, and spinning, you will never get bored because you can always mix it up.

The Excy unicycle exercise bike and stair-stepping is only available in the XCS 200 series (unavailable in the XCS 220).


Total Body Floor Workouts

Lay on your back on the Excy Keeper, engage your core and start pedaling your way to sculpting lean glutes, quads, calves and abs by using Excy with the Excy Keeper to prohibit it from scooting away. You’ll get an amazing workout without the burden of a stationary, clunky or heavy piece of equipment. You can quickly rotate between arm and leg workouts, while engaging your core! Whether trying to burn calories or tone, it all comes down to what you’re willing to put into your workout. The harder you work the more improvement you will see and Excy provides a large range of resistance capabilities for broad versatility for cardio and strength training.


No Scooting with Patented Approach!


Meet the Excy Keeper

Excy’s patented Keeper is a flexible durable material made of vinyl and coated fabric used to establish a strong connection between you and the Excy cycling system to keep it stationary and prevent it from scooting. It’s super easy to set up and rolls up tightly to carry in a purse or laptop bag. Simply place your body weight on the Keeper, whether in a standing, kneeling, lying, or sitting position. The Keeper conveniently then turns your Excy system and what you already have—a chair, table, and floor—into a powerful recumbent exercise bike, ergometer, and full body cross trainer. Its beauty is in its simplicity!


“2017 Best Overall mHealth Hardware Solution”


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