World’s First Hand Bike Accesory for Power Weight Racks

The XCR 300 is ideal for sports teams, fitness clubs, and physical therapy clinics. Easy to install. Simply slides up and down the rack. Offers 2-70 lbs of bi-directional resistance.

Upper Body Aerobic and Anaerobic Conditioning

Swimmers, triathletes, baseball players, tennis players, quarterbacks, para-athletes and others looking to strengthen and tone their arms and shoulders will love the XCR 300. With a resistance range of 2 to 70 pounds, you can start easy and dial up intensity over time to increase endurance and stamina. Maintain a steady pace or sprint in intervals to boost intensity. Research shows that you can experience a more substantial rise in your blood pressure and heart rate during an upper-body aerobic workout when compared to a lower-body aerobic workout.

Trunk Stabilization and Strengthening


Not only can you get your heart pumping and strengthen your upper body by cranking your arms, you can also constantly challenge your core muscles while engaging a broad range of trunk and lower-body muscle groups all at once to focus on total-body conditioning. Integrate more balance components like standing on one leg or a Bosu Ball to increase core stability.


Physical Therapy

Power weight racks by companies like Rogue Fitness are often the centerpiece of a physical therapy clinic, whether being used for resistance bands or strength training. The XCR 300 turns these racks into high quality upper body ergometers for PTs to focus on upper body rehabilitation, cardio, sports medicine, wellness, or general conditioning programs with patients. It’s easy to change rotational resistance forces from easy to hard, the vertical plane from high to low, and to guide patients through a wide spectrum of oscillation speeds from standing, seated or lying down positions. Foot pedals can be added for recumbent bike and horizontal leg pedal exercises while lying on the floor. All without taking up extra space in a clinic.