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Excy XCS 200 Model Setup Tips to Help Get You Started

Congratulations on taking the next step in your journey to move more everyday with Excy! We created Excy XCS 200 models to make quality exercise more easily accessible for all, regardless of a busy schedule, an injury, a disability, or a chronic health condition. We invite you to watch the below Excy setup videos to learn simple setup positions so you can take full advantage of everything Excy has to offer. You can also read Frequently Asked Questions here.

Explore video instructions from physical therapists on proper ergonomics before getting started on a new position. Download the Excy Mobile Coaching app for on-demand workouts, to track results, and set goals. Always consult a doctor before starting a new exercise program.

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Excy Setup Out of the Box

Recumbent Bike Excy Setup

Upper Body Table Excy Setup

Step and Unicycle Excy Setup

Plank Cycling Excy Setup

Excy Full Body Cycling Workouts

Once you learn the basic setup, jump on over to our full Excy exercise instructions page, which showcases proper ergonomic setup and different positions. We NEVER intended Excy to be a dust collector and are committed to helping you any possible way that we can! Call or text (425-205-9444) or email us anytime (excy@excy.com). Download the printout for ideas and positions.

Explore Live Workouts!

Excy Live and OnDemand Workouts for our portable exercise bike, upper body ergometer, and full body resistance trainer

Need More Ideas? Ready When You Are!

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