More Versatility with the Excy Stability Bar

While the XCS 220 offers a great convenient travel workout, most people looking for a fully body workout option will want the Excy Stability Bar to open up the full capabilities of their investment. Adding the Excy Stability Bar offered in the XCS 240, XCS 260, and XCS 280 makes it easier to take advantage of the full capabilities of the Excy cycling system as a lower body and upper body cycling system. Watch the video for a complete overview.

Sit and Cycle from Your Chair

Easy to Do While Watching TV or at Your Desk

The Stability Bar opens up opportunities for higher intensity from a chair. You simply place Excy on the floor in front of a chair for a quick light to moderate or intense ride depending on the system you purchase. In the Excy XCS 280 model, a wider removable Stability Bar is offered for easier transport.

Gym Quality Upper Body Ergometer

Torch Calories Using Just Your Arms and Tone!

The Stability Bar makes it easy to hand cycle Excy forward or in reverse motions at your desired level of resistance. Whether looking to tone upper body muscles, increase range of motion, or to maintain upper body cardiovascular fitness after suffering a leg injury, Excy is ready for the job as a gym quality upper body ergometer. Without the Stability Bar, most upper body cycling positions are limited to light to moderate activity.