Excy XCR 300

Wheelchair Upper Body Ergometer with a Power Weight Rack or Squat Stand

Setup: Place your wheelchair directly in front of the weight rack with your belly button aligned with pole and XCR 300 system. Adjust your wheelchair forward or backwards for comfortable upper body movements and for proper posture for specific training or rehabilitation movements. Move the XCR 300 up or down the rack to your desired height based on forward, backwards, or isometric based exercises. Avoid locking arms at extension by adjusting your wheelchair position and/or the XCR 300. Add a pillow or cushion behind your back for added comfort or support if needed. Height, resistance, and wheelchair adjustments should be under the guidance and supervision of a fitness, physical therapist, or medical professional.

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Illustration provided by PT-Helper, a customizable exercise application.

Watch the video for more instructions.