Excy XCR 300

Standing Upper Body Ergometer Position

Setup: Place the Excy XCR 300 on a rack with the pedal axis 1 to 2 inches below the shoulder for the standing upper body ergometer position. Stand tall, focus on good posture, keep chin up, back straight, shoulders back, and torso strong. Add squats, calf raises, jumping jacks, speed skates, and one-legged balance exercises for added complexity. Add Bosu ball for advanced balance work. Do not hyper-extend elbow by stepping too far away. Move the XCR 300 up or down the rack to change muscle groups. Cranking motions can be done forwards, backwards, in small back and forth rotations, as well as isometrically.

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Illustration provided by PT-Helper, a customizable exercise application.

Getting Started with the XCR 300 Upper Body Ergometer Using a Weight Rack or Squat Stand

Proper Standing Position with XCR Upper Body Ergometer with a Weight Rack or Squat Stand