The Full Body Home Exercise Machine You’ll Actually Use

Explore the Excy Fall HIIT Challenge and Upper and Lower Body Cycling

What the Best Home Fitness Machine?

Secret? It’s the one you’ll use! The one that creates fewer barriers during your everyday routine. For many, that means Excy! That’s why we’ve put together a HIIT challenge to give you a lot of ideas of how to put Excy to work at home for cardio, strength training, and overall flexibility. We invite you to dive in and start exploring Excy as a chair bike, to pedal lying down, as an arm bike and so much more. We built this home fitness machine to make exercise accessible to all, whether you’re at the top of your fitness game, just getting started, or are recovering from injury! Hopefully, we’ll never have a year like 2020 again. It’s a great time to jump into a new challenge as the holiday season approaches! But most important of all, it’s a time to focus on keeping your immune system strong and exercise can help! Follow the home workouts below! Explore our YouTube channel for more workouts!