The Excy Approach

The clear choice in portable full-body resistance trainers for arms, legs, and balance training. Unmatched in quality, convenience, and innovation.

What Excy Does

Excy focuses exclusively on making high quality full-body exercise cycling available to all with our rugged portable multi-function resistance trainers. But that wasn’t enough. We also created a mobile coaching application to keep you motivated and inspired. Whether bringing the joy of cycling to those who are busy, making cycling rehab available when and where people need it, or helping those with limited mobility gain easier access to exercise, Excy delivers unmatched quality in full-body portable exercise cycling equipment.

Our patented approach is all about offering spontaneous access to multiple pieces of world-class equipment, but in single small footprint cycling resistance trainers. With the highest quality portable exercise bike in the world, versatile exercise solutions for upper and lower body cycling, and a team committed to improving health worldwide, we are uniquely equipped to deliver the best possible portable exercise experience to our customers.

The Challenge with Today’s Equipment

For years, consumers have been forced to buy huge pieces of exercise equipment with large footprints to get the highest quality and most efficient workout without impacting joints. Each piece of equipment has focused on its unique mission—a recumbent exercise bike to cycle legs. Then, they are weight machines to build strength. There’s also step machines for step workouts. And, last but not least, upper body ergometers for upper body conditioning. That’s just naming a few. These devices take up a huge footprint in people’s homes, in gyms, and clinics. In addition, the equipment is typically socially isolated to a room, which means they frequently go unused. They also take up big footprints on our planet!

Some manufacturers have tried to integrate multiple pieces of equipment into a single home exercise device or into physical therapy equipment. However, these devices typically end up being even bigger and still isolate people to a room or a facility. And, they are even more expensive. In addition, none of these devices are inclusively designed from the ground up to include able-body people and those with limited mobility due to injury, disability, or a health condition that makes access hard. For example, a person with balance challenges or without limbs would have a tough time using an elliptical machine. We even see upper body ergometers that don’t make wheelchair access easy. Some people get a gym membership to gain access to the benefits of quality full-body exercise equipment, but due to their busy schedule or limited mobility, they just don’t make it to the gym as often as they’d like.

Portability Could Help with Convenience, But Quality an Afterthought

In an effort to make some of the functions of big equipment more convenient, a hand-full of companies have created portable exercise equipment like mini exercise bikes for arms and legs, or smaller equipment that fits under a desk. While these devices can be decent for leisure exercise for some, they were not designed to meet the expectations for moderate to vigorous exercise and strength training as suggested by the Center for Disease Control, especially for the whole body. They also frequently scoot away from people at higher intensity, often leaving the person frustrated.

Modern Way of Life Requires Excy’s Modern Approach

We have an aging population that is busier than ever, many of whom struggle to get enough exercise. So, access to quality low impact cardio exercise and strength training must be easier. That’s why we are making portable full-body cardio and strength training exercise cycling resistance trainers with thousands of dollars worth of equipment available in a single small device. And, we match or exceed the quality of heavy and more expensive gym quality equipment. All designed in a more affordable way for anyone who’s looking for a long-term total body exercise solution for a stronger and healthier quality of life. It’s clear that our full-body approach to quality resistance training in a small device is working. We are in world-class hospitals like Stanford, physical therapy clinics throughout the country, and used by hundreds of consumers worldwide.

One Device Offers Unlimited Opportunities and Mobile Coaching

By assembling all the elements of resistance cycling training needed in a single high quality full-body device, we give people new smiles. Smiles from living a healthier lifestyle without the hassles of big equipment. Plus, we give people new leases on feeling successful in accomplishing their exercise goals. Why so easy? Because Excy makes it easy to integrate exercise into your everyday life in a more efficient way with a higher quality portable device than ever imagined. Plus, it’s fun!

Plus, we offer support through mobile coaching. This approach is revolutionizing access to exercise for all, regardless if beginner or expert. Our unique patented approach is becoming the preferred method for exercise for many people, especially for those battling limited mobility due to injury, disability, or a health condition where frequent access to exercise is hard. We do this all without disrupting your schedule. How? By simply turning everyday furniture–beds, tables, couches, chairs, couches, a space on the floor–into an opportunity to exercise more.

Specific benefits offered by all Excy cycling resistance trainers:

  • Quiet, bi-directional resistance (2-70 pounds). Active resistance engages the muscles like a real bike.
  • Compact, lightweight, yet heavy duty rugged designs with no weight limits (except for our step cycle position)
  • Total body versatility for aerobic and anaerobic upper and lower body training
  • Adjustable heights
  • Small footprint
  • On-demand, live, and guided coaching with a free mobile coaching application

Over 30 Videos from Physical Therapists

Because many customers purchase an Excy device for physical therapy, it’s best to have training from physical therapists. That’s why our mobile coaching application has specific tips from physical therapists in the complexities of cycling through challenges like a leg or shoulder injury. Not only does this help train PTs to help them with their patients, but consumers can also share these videos with their doctor or physical therapists who can then create optimal programs and outcomes. Those with injuries and health conditions should always work directly with the doctor before getting started. We make it easier for all. 

The Excy Advantage

With our patented approach, highly skilled engineering, and a commitment to help those typically marginalized by the traditional fitness industry, Excy helps more people break free from sedentary lives and gain access to the health benefits of cardio exercise and strength training.

When the benefits of exercising during cancer treatments, while fighting chronic pain, fatigue and health conditions, or while recovering from an injury becomes critical to health, Excy’s portable resistance trainings have become a preferred solution for home health, hospital rehab, and physical therapy outpatient exercise. There are four simple important reasons why:


Excy stands out in terms of durability, heavy-duty metal construction, and offering a stable cycling experience at all levels of resistance. Excy cycling resistance trainer systems are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. and are engineered for maximum stability. Our level of quality is what allows us to offer the widest bi-directional resistance range available in a portable cycling device.


In the past, gaining access to quality full-body exercise equipment was confined to a room, required a large footprint and was quite costly. Or, it required a gym membership, also costly and inconvenient. Excy has changed all that with our all-in-one portable full-body resistance cycling training experience. Now, you get everything you need, anywhere you want, surrounded by people you want to spend time with. One more thing…in the clothes you want to wear!


When it comes to full-body versatility in a portable small device, nothing comes close. In all Excy resistance trainers, you get a wide range of upper and lower body exercise positions to choose from for easy to vigorous training at a time that is convenient for you. Our patented approach prevents our XCS 200 series from scooting away and our patented approach with our XCR 300 offers versatility with moving the system up and down a weight rack with ease.


There’s another huge benefit of the Excy all-in-one cycling resistance trainer approach: fewer bills in paying for multiple pieces of expensive equipment, no worries about unused gym memberships, and less guessing at how much a sedentary lifestyle will cost you and your family in the end. At Excy, you get one fixed price for your system—there are no add-on subscription charges for supportive content that can serve as a mobile coach in your back pocket.


Ready to make a change to a more active lifestyle where you live, work, and place?

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