Excy XCR 300

Power Weight Rack Mounted Ergometer for Recumbent Bike Exercise Training

Setup: Place the Excy XCR 300 on the rack to its lowest setting. Place a chair in front of the Excy system. Adjust the chair until your right leg is straight with your heel placed on the pedal. Pedal forward with the balls of your feet and make sure you have a 25-30 degree bend in your knee (your knee should never be fully extended). If you have too little or too much angle, adjust your chair. An exercise ball can be added for balance work. Cranking motions can be done forwards, backwards, in small back and forth rotations, as well as using light isometric forces.

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Illustration provided by PT-Helper, a customizable exercise application.

Watch the video to get into the recumbent bike position and for lying down on the floor.