Meet the XCR 300

The World’s First Upper Body Ergometer for Power Racks and Squat Stands


$349 Down Payment

$38 per month/12 months (own at end of term)

The XCR 300 is a powerful compact system that quickly transforms a standard weight rack into a high quality resistance based upper body exerciser. The system enables cardio, strength training, range of motion, and core stabilization exercises in standing, seated, and squatting positions and attaches to any rack in under a minute. It can be easily adjusted to slide up and down the rack. With zero footprint and 2 to 70 pounds of active bi-directional resistance available dynamically on the fly, the XCR 300 is ideal for training facilities, physical therapy clinics, and home gyms. Like its siblings in the Excy family, the XCR 300 can be configured with foot pedals to perform as a recumbent exercise bike or for cycling while lying down.

  • Lightweight at 12 pounds
  • 2 to 70 pounds of active bi-directional resistance
  • 6” steel cranks with hand pedals
  • Weight rack collar (installs in less than a minute)
  • Slides simply up and down the rack
  • Adapts to 3”, 2.0”, and 2.5” power weight rigs
  • Heavy-duty resistance knob
  • Standing, seated, squatting and lying down positions
  • Easy wheelchair accessibility
  • Foot stand to lean against wall when not used
  • Works with any 9/16” foot or hand pedal
  • Disinfects safely with CaviWipes, AHP wipes, etc.
  • Heavy-duty metal construction. Powder coated.
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Dimensions:28h” x 20w” x 7h” inches with hand cranks

Popular XCR 300 Workout Positions