Cycling for Parkinson’s Disease


The ability to turn a couch into a comfortable and quality recumbent exercise bike helps drive frequent therapeutic cycling for Parkinson’s at home


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One Man’s Parkinson’s Disease Journey and How Cycling for Parkinson’s Fits In


Yoga, Boxing, and Cycling for Parkinson’s Disease

Bob went from running marathon’s for fun and endurance to using exercise to fight the progression of Parkinson’s disease. Listen to his story, from the fall that helped lead to the diagnosis, to how he embraces multiple forms of light to forced exercises like recumbent cycling and hand cycling for Parkinson’s disease with the Excy XCS 260 to help with symptoms.

Convenience is Everything for Squeezing in More Exercise

Bob wanted a home exercise for Parkinson’s disease that was easy to do while watching TV and didn’t require a big setup. Not being socially isolated to a room was also a big motivator. Here’s his take on why convenience matters! Also, hear what he would tell a friend if they just got diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

Recumbent Bike Exercise Helps Bob with Leg Pain from Parkinson’s Disease

On of Bob’s challenges is that he experiences leg pain from Parkinson’s disease. With Excy, he can turn his chair into a quality stationary recumbent exercise bike, which has helped decrease the pain in his legs. More information on fast cycling and Parkinson’s.

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