Portable Recumbent Exercise Bike + More

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Ride surrounded by the people you love from your favorite chair

Portable Recumbent Exercise Bike to Move with Purpose While Watching TV

You can do a light workout from nearly any chair and in a sturdy chair, you can really push yourself with a solid high intensity portable recumbent exercise bike workout. There’s no sitting discomfort for your bottom because you can use your own seating surface, even add a pillow if it increases your experience. It’s so smooth and quiet that you could cycle any time and not disturb a soul. The whole family can get in on the action, including having the kiddos cycle while playing video games.  See the recumbent setup here.


Ride Easy to Focus on Range of Motion and Function

If your physician, physical therapist, or occupational therapist has approved your home rehabilitation program plan to include a recumbent stationary bike, Excy offers a high quality portable recumbent bike experience throughout the recovery journey and then onto the road for post rehabilitation. You can start easy to focus on healing, range of motion, and then regaining muscle strength and cardio endurance.


Build Strength with a Wide Adjustable Resistance Range

In the portable recumbent exercise bike position, you can do even more than cycling, including motions that simulate a leg press to focus on quadriceps, glutes, and calf muscles, as well as other small movements. With a resistance range of 2-70 pounds, you can start easy, but then crank it up throughout your rehabilitation life cycle. Our active, easily adjustable, approach to resistance ensures that the muscles are always engaged when you are in motion.

Move to the Floor or Exercise in Bed

Using our patented approach, you can also move Excy to the floor for a full-body low impact cardio and strength training cycling workout. Bi-directional resistance makes it easy to train opposing muscles. You can also recruit those core muscles to focus on core strength. If just recovering from an injury or you just like your bed, you can also use Excy in this position to exercise in bed. See the position to cycle Excy while lying down here.


 Embracing the Excy Cycling Life

Build endurance with advanced hand cycling, unicycling, and functional training movements


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