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Explore Excy as a Portable Recumbent Exercise Bike

Recumbent exercise bikes are popular pieces of exercise equipment that are often seen in gyms, physical therapy clinics and fitness clubs, but they are also great for the home. The challenge is that quality recumbent bikes for home fitness require a lot of space and isolates riders to a room. Excy takes a different patented approach using the Excy Keeper to turn a comfortable couch, chair, or even a park bench into a recumbent exercise bike that easily connects exercise to everyday life. You can do a light workout from nearly any chair and in a sturdy chair, you can really push yourself with a solid high intensity recumbent exercise bike workout. It’s easy to use Excy as a recumbent bike while watching TV, move it room to room at home, or even at work or while traveling. Excy requires such a small footprint and folds for easy storage and transport. You can leave it anywhere at home, work, or on the go. Put it anywhere that it will stare you in the face, begging you to turn a sedentary moment into an opportunity for physical activity.

The optimal recumbent exercise bike models are the XCS 260 and XCS 280 or the XCT 160 or XCT 180.

Turn Any Chair Into a Recumbent Exercise Bike Anywhere

Active Bi-Directional Resistance


Ride Excy as a recumbent exercise bike at home, work, on the go for a light or vigorous workout. You control the pedal speed, resistance, and workout time and can even use the Excy Mobile Coach to follow and track workouts. There’s no sitting discomfort for your bottom because you can use your own seating surface, even add a pillow if it increases your experience. It’s so smooth and quiet that you could cycle any time and not disturb a soul, including the kids or spouse during family movie time or a colleague in the next cubicle. Those with limited mobility can use Excy as a recumbent exercise bike from a wheelchair.

Excy also easily works as a gym quality portable upper body ergometer and full body resistance trainer for strength training.

Explore Excy in the Recumbent Exercise Bike Position with Your Physical Therapist