Lying Bike Excy Position Gets You Horizontal to Pedal for Greater Mobility, Strength, and Endurance

Core and leg exercises in bed, on the floor, or while lying down on a physical therapy table

Lying Bike Position Opens Up the Joy of Cycling to All


We all know that exercise plays a critical role in keeping our body healthy and fighting preventable disease. However, for millions of people, traditional standing or sitting exercises are not always an option. Especially if you have a health condition or injury where you are limited to exercising while lying down. For some, it’s a lifetime need of being able to exercise while lying down. For others, it’s a starting place on a journey to return to health or cross train for performance or to prevent injuries.

With Excy, you can perform cardiovascular and strength training exercises while lying down to fit your specific abilities, even if bedridden. Our lying bike position is therapeutic for many reasons, but especially for those who benefit from low impact exercises, improving blood circulation in your legs, and increasing lower extremity joint mobility. With 2-70 pounds of bi-directional resistance, Excy can be used by all, whether fitness beginner or athlete.

Exercise in Bed or on the Floor Lying Down in a Horizontal Position

Bike crunches are great, but aren’t as idea for elevating your heart rate. With Excy, there’s no fake pedaling your legs in the air, but there is real pedaling of an exercise bike while lying down. Simply lie on your back and pedal forwards, backwards, or in small back and forth rhythmic motions. During these exercises, you can focus on stabilizing your core, pelvis, and spine and focus on cardiovascular exercise or crank up resistance levels to build strength.

You can add bridge exercises for advances exercises or simply pump the calf muscle for light exercises.


Exercise in Bed or Pedal While Watching TV

Excy is a great pedal exerciser for a semi-recumbent cycling experience in bed or while sitting on the floor. Simply use the headboard of a bed, your couch, or even an exercise ball as a backrest and pedal away whilst partially lying down. The Excy Keeper secures the Excy portable bike to the bed and prevents scooting while pedaling on the floor. Since Excy is lightweight, it is easy to lift and place in position and can also be adjusted to multiple heights.

Total Body Exercise Versatility Makes Lying Down Exercises Fun

Sure, most of us wish he had time to be out on the open road, but when we can’t, it sure would be nice to still have a little fun exercising. With Excy, you can get creative and find multiple ways to experience the joy and health benefits of cycling while lying down. In this position, you can place your legs over the side of the bed and perform multiple different pedaling motions for low-impact cardiovascular activity, while also deeply engaging core muscles.

Advanced Glute and Core Activation

The lying bike butt bridge position is a wonderful aerobic and anaerobic total body exercise. This move will wake up your entire core, activate your glutes, and you can add hand weights to also work your shoulders. This is a great move after extended periods of time sitting, whether in the car, at your desk, or on the couch. You get the hip flexors moving, turn on the glutes and activate your core for a total body workout. Plus, it’s a convenient way to exercise from the couch while watching TV.

Other Popular Exercise Positions for the Excy Portable Full-Body Exercise Bike

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Pedal Lying Down Flat

Pedal in Semi-Recumbent Inclined Position

No Scooting While Pedaling

Use Glute Bridge Cycling Position

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Always consult a doctor before starting a new exercise program. There are certain health conditions where exercising while lying down is not recommended, especially for people with hypertension. Consult with your doctor prior to using Excy to exercise while lying down. Also consult with your physical therapist if you are recovering from an injury or surgery.