Rehab Shoulder Exercises with Excy Open Vast Opportunities for Cardio, Strength Training and Home Physical Therapy

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Shoulder Rehab Exercises So Much Easier with Excy Portable Upper Body Ergometer


Shoulder rehab exercises can be tough to do at home, whether you have a new injury, are in the midst of physical therapy, or if post rehab and working on shoulder exercises at home. With Excy, we’ve made it a lot easier to get a quality upper body ergometer (UBE) workout at home, work, or on the go, but without the hassle of giant equipment and being socially isolated to a specific room.

In today’s live workout, we focused on using Excy like a traditional UBE that you find in a physical therapy clinic as a standard apparatus for shoulder rehab exercises. We used the Excy Mobile Coaching application “Burst Play” workout set for 45 second interval bursts during a 15 minute workout and then wrapped it up with a 5 minute interval routine at maximum interval outputs.

The nature of your shoulder rehab exercises will change depending on your injury and where you are at in your recovery. During today’s workout, we started easy in a standard UBE position and pedaled with our hands at light intensity. Then, we cranked up the resistance for higher intensity and strength training using a hand cycling motion. We then jumped into arm extensions that simulate swimming. Excy offers a wide range of resistance from 2-70 pounds, so it’s important to work directly with your physical therapist if you are recovering from a shoulder injury. In fact, your physical therapist might not want you doing this position at all as part of your shoulder rehab exercises. We’ve included some links below to offer additional insight into how you might use Excy as an upper body ergometer for home physical therapy shoulder rehab exercises.

Snapshot of today’s workout that incorporates shoulder rehab exercises

The Full Live Upper Body Ergometer Workout


Shoulder Rehab Exercises to Explore with Your PT



Explore other ways to use the Excy full body portable exercise bike for upper and lower body cardio, strength training and home physical therapy.

Warning: it is easy to get very sore muscles almost immediately doing high tension cranking motions that a person is not use to. Always consult a doctor before starting a new exercise routine and always start at an easy resistance level.