Portable Gym Quality Upper Body Ergometer


Hand Cycle Anywhere for Cardio and Strength Training

Strengthen and Condition Upper Body

Active, bi-directional and adjustable resistance puts the rider in complete control over cadence and intensity. Riders can hand cycle for a light, moderate, or high intensity workout to build upper body muscular fitness, boost aerobic capacity, and burn some serious calories without impacting joints. Excy folds for easy storage and transport, so you get all the benefits of upper body cycling, but without the barriers of big, expensive, and socially isolating exercise equipment.




Adjustable Heights for Total Versatility

Whether working with your physical therapist through a frozen shoulder, torn rotator cuff, hand therapy, or wanting to tone gorgeous arms and shoulders, you can easily adjust Excy as an upper body exerciser from a seated or standing position, but also for floor-based training. With a wide range of resistance from 2-70 pounds, we can easily accommodate riders of all heights, weights, and abilities.




Injury Recovery and Range of Motion

If your physician, physical therapist, or occupational therapist has approved your clinic or home rehabilitation program to include an upper body ergometer, Excy offers the highest quality portable hand cycling experience on the market. Excy is an amazing adaptive upper body ergometer that is excellent for people with temporary injuries or permanent injuries that have resulted in amputation or paralysis.




Build a Strong Core

Excy has been engineered for maximum stability and holds up for rugged heavy-duty workout loads! With 20X the resistance and 30X the torque force of other portable systems, you can create full body exercise routines that focus on core strength.




On-Demand, Live, and Guided Workouts

Free mobile coaching application offers up fresh new ideas and tracks results! it’s like having a personal trainer in your back pocket.

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Embrace the Excy Full Body Cycling Life

One Portable Device. Endless Opportunities

Build endurance with recumbent exercise cycling, unicycling, and functional training movements.