Download the Excy Mobile Coach for Anytime, Anywhere Training!

Not only did we build a device that’s ready when you are, we also built a free mobile coach application with live, on-demand, and guided training to help drive your success!

Home Fitness, Physical Therapy Tips, Medical Fitness Positions and Coaching in Your Back Pocket

The Excy Mobile Coach is optimized for the Excy portable exercise cycling system, but can also work independently for indoor or outdoor interval training. Whether cranking out an Excy workout, running, or using your home exercise spin bike or treadmill, the Excy mobile coach will be available at the exact time and place you need it! From fitness beginners to athletes, you’ll get the guidance, tips, and motivation you need to push yourself harder during interval bursts than ever before.

Watch Physical Therapy Video Instructions

Use the Excy Mobile Coach to access an extensive library of video tutorial exercises from physical therapists helping understand the ergonomics of exercising with Excy for upper and lower body aerobic and anaerobic exercises.

If  you are a physical therapist, you can watch the videos to train your patients. If you are using Excy for home PT, you can run the videos by your physical therapist so they can customize a home rehab program for you!



Get Setup Tips and Easily Find Exercises

The Excy system offers total versatility for full-body cross training, physical therapy, medical fitness and home fitness anywhere, anytime. 

In our Mobile Coach, you can easily navigate exercises and quickly learn how to setup the position so you can get started immediately.

Follow Guided Interval Clocks

Whether you’re looking to tone your upper or lower-body, boost aerobic capacity, or burn calories, the Excy Mobile Coach will guide you through interval training workouts in real-time to help you reach your exercise goals using the Excy cross training cycling system. With Excy, you are in control of the resistance levels in both directions, so you can decide if you want to crank it up to get stronger and shed pounds faster, or go at an easier pace if you’re looking to get your body moving or work through rehabilitation. Also, because you might not always want to look at your screen while training, Excy will vibrate when it’s time to change your interval or you can opt for audio coaching. We want to make the most of your time during our training sessions to help you train smarter, not harder and longer!

Follow On-Demand and Live Workouts

Explore an ever-growing library of live and on-demand training videos in the Excy Mobile Coach. You can train anytime, anywhere, with workouts that suit your to get physically active, sweat, build strength and help you feel more fit.

As more workouts are added to the Excy app, you will get access to those also.

Set Goals, Track Results, Keep Inspired

Define your inspiration for what healthy means to you to stay motivated on your healthy journey. Upload photos of your inspiration for wanting to exercise in the first place as a constant reminder and motivator. Change out the pictures to fit your daily inspiration. Never question your motivation again!

The Excy Mobile Coach is optimized for the Excy Portable Total Body Exercise System, But a Great Interval Training App for Anyone!

Visit the Excy.Guide for Instructions