Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year… but not necessarily for your nutrition, right?

We all indulge in the wonderful foods and celebrations that the Christmas season brings, but there are plenty of tricks you can do to maintain the hard work you have done towards losing weight to be healthier.

Here’s a quick fun fitness guide for your Christmas countdown. If you complete the 12 days of Christmas fitness guide by adding 1 set every day, you won’t have to feel guilty about eating all of your favorite holiday treats. Plus, by the end of the year, you may be well on your way towards a New Year of health!

Spice it up a little and sing through the workouts!

1 30-second side plank
These planks will help you keep your core strong and they will also burn off the extra turkey you had at dinner.

2 sets of jumping jacks
When you drink an extra glass of wine, you don’t have to fret over it. A glass of wine a day can actually improve your health. And as long as you up the ante in the cardio world, the calories won’t show.

3 side lunges
If you feel like the mashed potatoes often go right to your hips, combat what you ate early be adding side lunges to the routine. Wrap up the holidays with a firm look instead of a mushy one.

4 sets of wall sits
It’s easy to sit around on the holidays, worrying about all of the food you ate. But if you do wall sits instead, you won’t have nearly as much to worry about.

5 rounds of jumping rope
You only get eggnog once a year, right? And just because it’s high in calories doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy it. Just jump more rope and keep it all under control.

6 side bends
The holidays often break up the regular routine, but it is a good idea to get up and stretch as often as possible, even if you are taking life more easily than normal. Stretches like this will help keep the blood flowing and the food burning.

7 jog in place
There aren’t many people out there that can resist pie, but if you job in place, you can get rid of the calories you took in. And they were worth the extra work, weren’t they?

8 burpees
If you feel like your whole body is taking on too much over the holidays, you need to get your whole body involved in your workout. Burpees are a great place to start.

9 mountain climbers
Christmas means cookies and all sorts of other yummy items. And mountain climber exercises are hard work. Eat the cookies…then do the work.

10 sets of push-ups
Keeping your arms toned and strong is an important part of an overall workout.

11 side-to-side shuffles
You can eat the candies and nuts that are lying about, just do so while you perform shuffles.

12 sets of sit-ups
If your core is strong, your body functions better and your metabolism ramps up.

Print this Fun Fitness Guide infographic and keep it in a handy place for a visual reminder!

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A Fun Fitness Guide to 12 Days of Christmas

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