Excy knows that busy moms are super beings! They juggle jobs, cooking, cleaning, kids, finances, sport schedules, homework, and more, all while doing the best they can to be a good wife, mom, sister, girlfriend, aunt, neighbor and co-worker. However, this routine often gets so busy that there is one thing that falls off the schedule, and that is mom’s own health. Yes, moms are so awesome about looking out for everyone else, but often times at the expense of a desired fitness routine being pushed to the sidelines.

As we enter 2015, this is the perfect time for moms (and dads) to put their own health front and center. As a full-time working mom, I struggle with making fitness fit my life, which is how the idea came about for creating the Excy portable exercise machine in the first place! Over the years, as much as I have struggled to make it to a gym or consistently use our home fitness equipment (treadmill, P90X, kettle bell, 10-Minute Trainer, resistance bands, punching bag, Indoboard and dumbbells), I have tried really hard to find time to do pushups before I go to bed.

Now, if 40 pushups every night gave this busy mom everything I needed, the idea of Excy would never have come about, but there are huge benefits of doing pushups, like:

  • Upper body conditioning (works to tone and strengthen the chest, abdomen, lower back)
  • Core strength in upper body which improves lifting
  • Enhance bone mass
  • Improve metabolic rate
  • Tone the butt, trunk, shoulders and lower body, triceps, etc.

Pushups are ideal for buys moms because, like Excy, you can do them anywhere. But, it also hits the main target muscles that are prone to go flabby, such as the chest, shoulders, triceps and abs. In addition, pushups are quite effective on the hips, the waist as well as the belly. All these muscles tone up and get into better shape with the pushup movements.

WebMD has a great article on mastering the basics of the perfect pushup.


Pushups great workout for busy moms

A good suggestion is to start with 10-15 pushups in the morning or before bed. After two weeks or so, increase the number of pushups gradually until you can do fifty per day. With time, they become less straining and you can easily sneak them into your busy schedule, even while your kids do their homework, or while chicken is baking in the oven!

When it comes to New Year Resolutions, pushups are a great way to start a fitness routine.

We can’t wait to bring you Excy, which will also offer an amazing upper body cardio and strength training workout. You’ll be shocked at how it helps get rid of flab on your triceps. Until then, make sure to become an Excy Insider at www.excy.com to be one of the first people to see how Excy works.


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