I will be the first to admit. I hate burpees even though I know they are an amazing workout. So, when I recently came across a study by the Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research comparing the high intensity interval training of a burpee compared to high intensity interval exercise cycling, I had to dive in to see what they discovered. Of course, the burpee was called out for its vigorous cardiorespiratory response. But what I found interesting is that the VO2 max and heart rates of both the burpee group and the exercise cycling group were similar.

For me, it’s like a permission slip to never do a burpee again and stick with high intensity interval exercise cycling. We can’t wait to show you the portable exercise cycling benefits of Excy and our HIIT workouts! Maybe you’ll discover that you never need to do a burpee again too!

But, if you really love burpees, click on over this article in the Huffington Post titled “How To Do The Perfect Burpee.”

Burpee vs. exercise cycling study

Burpee vs. exercise cycling study

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