In nearly every Excy conversation we’ve had with active, health conscious busy women, the subject of sculpting beautifully strong and toned arms comes up. The conversations have ranged from “How do I get rid of my tricep fat?” or “How can I eliminate the arm jiggle?” to “How do I get arms like Sarah Jessica Parker, Sofia Vergara or Kelly Ripa?”

Do a simple Google search on “celebrity arms” and you’ll see your fair share beautifully sculpted arms.


Google Image Search Results for “Celebrity Arms”

When it comes to triceps, according to a study by the American Council on Exercise (ACE), the triangle push-up is the best answer today after ACE evaluated the effectiveness of eight triceps exercises commonly used by people trying to sculpt and tone their arms. Researchers found that of the exercises tested, triangle push-ups, triceps kickbacks and dips registered the highest levels of muscle activation.

The Excy team couldn’t be more excited about active women wanting to create and show off their lean biceps, triceps and shoulders. We have some amazing high intensity interval upper body cardio and strength building arm workouts lined up for you that applies little to no stress on any joints and can be done anywhere. We think Excy is the perfect portable exercise machine for those with a craving for some arm candy.

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And don’t forget, there’s always “Time for Pushups and We’re Not Talking About Bras.”


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