If you already feel yourself falling short on your 2015 New Years Resolution of going to the gym, you’re not alone. Research shows that nearly 4 out of 5 Americans don’t use their gym membership—except maybe at the beginning of the year. Don’t let not going to a gym blow your goals of being healthier this year (just one reason to be excited about the Excy portable exercise cycle is because you’ll get what you need for fitness in one device without a gym).

There’s a great recent article in the Huffington Post titled “The ‘Big 4’ of Weight Control and Optimum Health for 2015” that captures why so many people fail at New Years Resolutions, including:

  1. They make resolutions that simply are not realistic and never within their realm of accomplishment in the first place.
  2. Poor planning and execution.
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Huffington Post Article Highlights 4 Goals for Weight Control and Optimum Health for 2015

The article then highlights “Big Four” goals to achieve weight control and optimum health:

  • Smart, time-efficient EXERCISE
  • Optimum NUTRITION
  • Proper REST

These are great goals. Excy would just like to add a 5th goal:

  • Incorporate SOCIAL CONNECTIONS into your exercise routine

Whether with a family, friend, co-worker or a group fitness class, Excy believes you’ll be much more successful if you connect your health routine with people who will inspire and support you to make exercise about being healthy and not about illusion or perfection.

One of the main reasons we believe people will love the Excy exercise cycle is because so many people really don’t like the gym and would prefer to conveniently exercise at home, at work, or in the midst of a multi-tasking way of life while on-the-go.

We especially love the articles first recommendation of smart, time-efficient exercise and think you’ll love how Excy will make it easy to fit fitness into everyday busy schedules while still enjoying the people, places, and values that shape your everyday life.

Either way, it’s only January and these are great tips to consider to keep you goals of better health on track in 2015!

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