Last night I got a notification via MapMyRide that a friend did a stationary bike training exercise via the PEAR Personal Coach application for 50 minutes and burned 577 calories.

So, I wanted to see how long it would take me to burn 500 calories with a sole focus on an Excy upper body HIIT workout at home while watching TV. To measure results, I also used PEAR (which I love and highly recommend BTW).

Here they are the results!

Excy, upper body workout

40 minute upper body Excy HIIT workout with an average BPM of 139 and 507 calories burned

That’s right: a 40 minute upper body HIIT workout with an average BPM of 139 and 507 calories burned. Now that’s a good use of time. I’ve been primarily keeping my Excy workouts to 20-30 minutes, but wow did it feel good to burn 500 calories.

Now, I’ll see if I can get it down to burning 500 calories in less than 40 minutes.

We look forward to sharing more Excy workouts and of course, showing you our portable exercise cycle. We get closer every day to helping more people fit fitness anywhere.

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