This week, Nike launched its largest women’s campaign ever called #betterforit and there are several reasons to love how the initiative takes aim at supporting and motivating women’s athletic journeys.

The company says the campaign is about “powering [women] to be better through services, product innovation and athlete inspiration, motivating each other to push to the next level.”

The first “Better For It – Inner Thoughts” video debuted on MTV and as PopSugar highlights, is driven by a series of relatable short films and will include insights from top athletes, including four-time Olympic gold medalist Allyson Felix. Here’s the video.

NIke Better For It #betterforit

Nike’s New Better For It Motivational Video

With a debut on MTV, I’m obviously not the demographic, but can get behind any campaign that reminds us that exercise is worth it, no matter what you do.

In the next phase of the campaign though, how awesome would it be if Nike could also capture the “why” behind our inner exercise thoughts. I know my “why” has changed dramatically between being a young collegiate athlete to starting a career, getting married, having a child, and now trying to be the best possible wife, mom, sister, daughter, friend and business owner.

Now in my 40s, my “why” inner thoughts are about being the best possible role model to my son, inspiring more healthy moments for my family, delaying a genetic pathway of heart disease that runs in my family, feeling better in my clothes, and getting a good nights sleep. Of course, I can’t leave out, the inner thoughts of knowing I burned enough calories to enjoy a glass of wine or two and even occasional junk food.

Can’t wait to see what Nike has up its sleeve for showcasing everyday women (and men) exercising throughout every phase of life and being better for it. The inner thoughts could get quite entertaining.

More videos and images below, plus credits.

Nike Women "Better for It, Better Worse Seat"

Nike Women “Better for It, Better Worse Seat”

Nike Women "Better for It- Instability Ball"

Nike Women “Better for It- Instability Ball”

Nike Women "Better for It - Challenge Yourself"

Nike Women “Better for It – Challenge Yourself”

Nike Women "Better for It - Nothing Better"

Nike Women “Better for It – Nothing Better”

Nike Women "Better for It - Personal Space"

Nike Women “Better for It – Personal Space”

Nike Women "Better for It - Far Enough"

Nike Women “Better for It – Far Enough”

Nike Women "Better for It - Best Intentions"

I did get my 20 minute upper body high intensity interval training workout in this afternoon with Excy while on Spring Break (20 minutes, average BPM 133, 238 calories burned). My inner thoughts were “that vacation warm brownie Sunday with a scoop of ice cream was so worth it last night.”

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