Want to tone your body, burn calories, and have more energy? If so, consider joining a spin classes! When Excy is ready, even consider getting some friends together at home, work, or at a park for an outdoor spin class! Or, do an Excy spin at home while watching TV with the family. Either way, spinning can be a fun, yet challenging activity that can burn some serious calories and boost your fitness level. It can also be a good way to relax and disconnect from your daily worries.

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Excy: Spinning Is A Growing Calorie Burning Favorite

Spinning Is A Growing Calorie Burning Favorite

Spinning has gained a lot of popularity over the past few years. Most gyms and health clubs offer spin classes as part of their fitness schedule for those who want to slim down and improve their health all year round. One our favorites, Flywheel, now also has classes in several cities across the U.S. from Seattle to New York. Compared to running for cardio, this calorie burning activity is mild on your joints. It can also be easily adjusted to your fitness level.

Whether you want to lose a few pounds, tone your legs, or focus on heart health, spinning can be a great choice. Often times, people who start spinning will start to the first results appear within one month. After a few sessions, you might even have more energy and feel better overall. Some people also believe spinning classes help relieve stress, calm your mind, and boost your confidence.

Consider Spinning Towards Health

From teenagers to seniors and athletes to fitness beginners, anyone can join spinning classes. Also known as studio cycling, this form of exercise can be beneficial for both your mind and body. Companies like Spinning, the creators of the indoor cycling category and the global leader in programming, education and bikes, have also helped millions of people achieve their fitness goals and improve their cardiovascular health according to Bernie Dennis, Chairman of the Board of the American Heart Association.

Depending on the nature of an injury, spinning is often considered safe even for those with arthritis, bad knees, or lower back pain (as with any exercise, check with your doctor first before starting a new exercise routine). The number of calories you’ll burn depends on a number of factors, including your weight and the intensity at which you exercise, but research indicates that on average, participants burn about 400–600 calories in a 40-minute workout. The “distance” traveled depends on cadence; however as an estimate, an average 40-minute class at a cadence of 80–110 rpm is equivalent to approximately 15–20 miles on the road.

The social aspect can also be a plus if you’re looking for a great way to make friends and meet other people who love exercise as much as you do. The Huffington Post also has a great list of 8 Reasons To Learn To Love Spin Class.

For those who don’t have time or an interest in a group spin class, yet want many of the same benefits, we’re hoping Excy can help fill that gap with our portable exercise bike. In addition to a great lower body workout, Excy also offers an amazing upper body spin capability that is unmatched in a spin class. Little twist…you can do it anywhere (can you say convenient)! If you want to have fun and give your joints a break, look no further and consider spinning away those calories.


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