At Excy, we love any and all insight into the best arm exercises for toning and sculpting triceps, biceps, and beautiful shoulders. Of course, we’re excited at the amazing HIIT arm workouts that Excy will conveniently provide for toning arms and burning serious calories, but there are a lot of wonderful ways to sculpt arms. That’s why we’re thrilled to share a recent article in People Magazine where Madonna’s personal trainer, Craig Smith, recently revealed some tips on how she gets her killer arms at age 56.

Here’s a photo the People featured of the pop icon’s amazing arms via Kevin Mazure/Getty:

Madonna photo in source Kevin Mazur:Getty

Now, not everyone can afford a personal trainer or the equipment that celebrities can buy, but her trainer shows off two of the star’s go-to exercises that are well worth exploring right at home. Interesting insight: they never go over 5 lbs. Have any other favorite upper body workouts for toning arms (at least until the Excy portable exercise bike is released)? If so, please share!

One we love is pushups, which we highlighted in a post “Time for pushups and we’re not talking about bras.”

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