Getting in shape on planet Earth has it’s own challenges, but imagine trying to stay healthy while venturing into space? Massachusetts Institute of Technology has taken a very interesting approach of using an exercise bike in space to help astronauts counteract muscle wasting and bone loss.

According to an article in Cosmos Magazine, in a module small enough to fit inside the space station, they’ve built an exercise bike in a spinning human centrifuge, which simulates gravity and recreates the forces you’d experience cycling on Earth. The team published the exercise bike in space invention in Acta Astronautica in April.

Credit: Ana Diaz, MIT

How cool is that? Way to go MIT!

We too have created a small exercise bike that can be used in amazingly unique locations at home, work and on the go. MIT may beat us to Mars, but we might just find our way into people’s daily lives and routines so they can easily exercise, get cardio, and even do physical therapy while watching TV, hanging with their family, meeting with co-workers, or even watching their kids on the ball field.

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