Bed Exercises to Safely Cycle Yourself Strong Anywhere


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Bed Exercises for Burning Calories, Movement and Home Physical Therapy

In today’s live Excy workout, we use full body cycling bed exercises to work our heart, legs, core, butt, hips, thighs and upper body. For some, bed exercises are nice for those days when you just want to roll out of bed and squeeze in a workout to start your day or perhaps in the evening to exercise while watching TV. But for people who can’t stand or walk for very long or far, cycling bed exercises while sitting or lying in the bed can be an amazing way to burn calories and work on getting stronger without impacting joints. This comes in handy for a convenient workout, but might make exercise feel possible for those battling injury, morbid obesity, lymphedema and other limited mobility challenges.

For example, exercising in bed can be a special entry point for someone battling morbid obesity, even with back, hip, and knee problems that make other forms of exercise difficult and exceptionally painful yet. Small back and forth motions or calf raises with your feet on the Excy pedals alone can be a launch pad to get started. With our patented approach, there are no weight limits and the Excy full body cycling system doesn’t scoot. You also get the benefits of a lower and upper body ergometer for leg exercises and arm exercises in bed. We obviously want you to work directly with your doctor and physical therapist to determine what you can and can’t do to get started, but also as you work towards an increasingly more aggressive work out plan at home, the gym, or physical therapy clinic.

We’ve explored exercising in bed in multiple live workouts to give you some ideas on how to put the system to work anywhere. If you are just getting started, choose a few of positions that you enjoy. Then, in consultation with your doctor and trainer start exploring resistance ranges (2-70 pounds gives you a lot of room to grow) and other positions as you gain more stamina. There are also a lot of other bed exercises you can explore to increase mobility, but give Excy a shot for cardio, strength training, and physical therapy.

Here’s a Snapshot of Today’s Live Bed Exercises


Today’s Full Live Workout in a Bed



Always consult a doctor before starting a new exercise program.