Oh Yes, Excy Works to Exercise in Bed

For some, being able to exercise in bed is a matter of convenience at home or while traveling, but for others, it might feel like a lifesaver to get cardio and strength training at a time that it is difficult to get out of bed. Perhaps it’s a leg injury where Excy can be used as an upper body ergometer from the bed or, maybe it’s coordinating with your PT on working through getting movement and range of motion back from the bed following a leg injury. On the other hand, perhaps you’re not a morning person and want to get some cardio exercise in bed versus getting up early to workout at the gym. Either way, being able to exercise in bed is awesome.

There are multiple movement and strength training moves you can do to exercise in bed without an Excy, like planks, crunches, bridges and more and we strongly encourage those too! But for those times that you want cardio and/or strength training from bed, Excy can be used as an exercise bike, upper body ergometer, and a full body resistance trainer to bring new meaning to what it means to exercise in bed. Our secret sauce starts with the Excy Keeper, our patented approach that prevents scooting and our amazing quality with bi-directional resistance.

So, whether it’s a matter of convenience, or what can feel like a lifesaver when you have temporary or permanent limited mobility physical challenges, you can crank up the resistance for a more difficult workout or take it nice an easy with minimal resistance. Always consult a doctor before starting a new exercise routine.

Quick Overview of Workouts in Bed

Full Workout Examples of Using Excy to Exercise in Bed



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