Upper Extremity Rehabilitation and Training with Excy

Portable Upper Body Ergometer for Trunk, Shoulders, Arms, Wrists, and Hands

Cardio. Strength Training. Range of Motion.

Common Upper Extremity Injuries

The hand and upper extremity are vital for all kinds of everyday activities, both at work and at home. Accidents happen, whether on the job, on the playing field, or in the home. When they do, the complex bones, tendons, ligaments, and muscles of the hand, wrist, arm, and elbow can suffer trauma, such as severe bone fractures, soft tissue injuries, and tendon injuries.

During this time, it’s important to work with your doctor and physical therapist to understand how to use the latest techniques and tools to treat upper extremity injuries and restore function to each the hand, wrist, arm, or elbow. If you have an upper extremity injury, your physical therapist may have you use an upper body ergometer during your rehab. An upper body ergometer, commonly referred to as a UBE in physical therapy clinics, is a piece of exercise equipment which is like a bicycle that you pedal with your arms.

In addition, if you have had a heart attack, cardiac problems, or pulmonary illness, your doctor may refer you to physical therapy for cardiac rehabilitation or pulmonary rehabilitation. The UBE may be used to help improve your cardiac endurance or pulmonary function so you can quickly get back to normal activities.

The Challenge with Today’s Upper Extremity Equipment

For years, consumers have been forced to buy huge pieces of upper body ergometer exercise equipment with large footprints to get the highest quality and most efficient workout. While these devices are efficient, they are expensive and out of reach of the average consumer. In an effort to make some of the functions of big equipment more convenient, a hand-full of companies have created portable UBE equipment like mini exercise bikes for arms and legs. While these devices can be decent for leisure exercise for some, they were not designed to meet the expectations for moderate to vigorous exercise and strength training as suggested by the Center for Disease Control, especially for the whole body. They also frequently scoot away from people at higher intensity, often leaving the person frustrated.

The Excy Solution Marries Quality with Convenience

Hand cycling Excy as an Upper Body Ergometer (UBE) is an amazing way to build upper body muscular fitness, boosts aerobic capacity, and burn calories for anyone, but for those with injuries or disabilities, it can often feel like a life saver. Not only for building or regaining strength, or maintaining wellness, but also returning to a life of sports and competition. At on 14 pounds, Excy offers a bold new portable UBE approach with an ideal resistance range of 2-70 pounds to make hand cycling more widely available for rehabilitation for athletes and uniformed services personnel, as well as those with special needs. Not only do you get the benefits of a portable recumbent exercise bike, but the system matches the quality of UBEs found in clinics, but folds for easy storage and transport.


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See Excy in Action for Upper Extremity Workouts

Adaptive Athletes Take a Closer Look Excy Upper Body Ergometer Workouts

Basketball Gold Medalist Travis Gaertner shared his upper extremity workout with us as he prepares to hand cycle the L.A. Marathon.

Young Man with Pediatric Stroke Demonstates How to Ride Excy as an Upper and Lower Body Ergometer

MS Cycling Live! Upper Body Ergometer Cycling and Exercise with MS

How One Woman Stayed Active After Brostrom Ankle Surgery

Excy Being Used as an Upper Body Ergometer and Exercise Bike for Parkinson’s Disease

Hospitals, Physical Therapists, Universities, and Consumers Trust Excy Cycling Resistance Trainers

Excy has helped hundreds of people eliminate the barriers of exercise with our patented approach that puts the benefits of big heavy pieces equipment into one small portable device.

Easy to Use. No Assembly. Takes Up No Space.


2 to 70 Pounds of Bi-Directional Resistance in a Small 14 Pound Portable System!

Quality Upper Extremity Rehabilitation Experience Only Found in Gyms and Physical Therapy Clinics

Lightweight, Compact, and Efficient: 14 pounds, small footprint. Folds for easy storage and transport. Portable UBE for anywhere warm up, cool downs, training, and physical therapy.

Versatility for Wide Range of Disabilities and Injury: Broad variety of trunk, shoulder, back, neck, wrist, and elbow exercises anywhere. Grueling or easy upper body and lower body cycling.

Unmatched Bi-Directional Resistance: 2-70 Lbs. of adjustable resistance. Large knob. Simulate weight lifting to build strength, endurance, and stamina. Rider controls resistance levels.

High Quality Heavy Duty Metal Construction: Engineered for maximum stability. Rugged and durable for quality training. Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. Hand or foot pedals.

Quality Upper and Lower Body Cycling

See other ways to use Excy!

Turn Any Chair Into a Recumbent Exercise Bike

Excy marries the power of low impact cardio with resistance training to meet the stationary recumbent exercise bike needs of those looking to stay healthy, yet the system only weighs 14 pounds. Our patented approach prevents scooting, even at higher levels of intensity. Work with your physical therapist to connect what you do in the clinic to home, even while watching TV! The system is super quiet, so you will not disturb the family. You can even use it at work as a desk cycle under your desk for movement breaks.

Resistance Training for Balance and Core Strength

Enjoy more time, places, and flexibility to get the benefits of core and balance resistance strength training without the barriers of big, expensive, and socially disconnected exercise equipment. You will never be isolated to a room, facility, or even four-walls again! xcy is designed to engage your core in an innovative cross training experience whenever and wherever you want. The variety of low-impact, high quality rotational, cranking, and quick bursts exercises are unmatched in a portable cycling device for building strength, endurance, and power.

Advanced Stand-Up Unicycle and Stair Stepping

Take quick high intensity interval breaks with the unicycle exercise bike or step cycle workout positions at your standup desk or at home.

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"Excy is just so easy to use and setup with Parkinson's"

Angie, Dental Hygienist Uses Excy for Wrists, Forearms, and Shoulders

"Excy has helped increase my strength so I can work longer more comfortably"

Mary, Uses Excy Post Knee Knee Replacement

"Excy is so easy convenient and easy to operate"

Sue, Uses Excy Post Torn ACL for Upper and Lower Body

"Excy is such a great investment"