Week 1 of the Excy Fall Fitness HIIT Challenge

HIIT Challenges with Excy are FUN and EASY on JOINTS

The Excy high intensity interval training (HIIT) challenge started on November 1 and brings you four weeks of exercise edorphins! The first thing to know is that a HIIT challenge workout is designed to push you to your limits. That means it’s time to get you spinning, cranking, rotating, or creating torque during each Excy exercise at max effort. The good news? This max effort is for a very short period of time of 45 seconds, rest briefly for 30 seconds, and then return to higher intensity for 45 seconds. During the HIIT Challenge move, you might find yourself tapped out before the 45 seconds is up. In that case, either rest, or take a quick breath, and try to push yourself again until the 45 seconds are up.

Set your Excy HIIT Challenge Intervals

45 seconds “fast” to push yourself. 30 seconds “slow” to slow it down

Use the Excy “Burst Play” workout in the Excy mobile coach to guide the intervals. Change the intervals to meet your personal needs! Tune into live workouts at www.excy.live, YouTube or Facebook.

Let’s get started!

Joining the HIIT Challenge Late? Here’s All You Need!

Day 7


Explore the HIIT Challenge Positions for Week 1

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