There’s a great article today in PopSugar Fitness titled “Save Time, Burn Fat: One-Hour Workouts That Blast 600 Calories.” There are so many wonderful ways to burn calories and they offer great examples for those days when you have time to get to a gym, hit the mountain bike trail, or if you have room in your home for larger exercise equipment like an elliptical or rowing machine. But for many of us, getting to a gym more than 2 days a week--if at all--is a challenge. In addition, by the time we get home from a busy day at work, many of us want to spend time with our family vs. be isolated in the basement or workout room multiple days a week.

If the choice to exercise more frequently was easier, perhaps 80 percent of adult Americans wouldn’t be failing to get the recommended amount each week.

The Excy team believes it’s time for convenient access to get more active and less sedentary in the places we spend the most time: work, home, and wherever else our busy schedules take us. We believe it’s time for a new exercise experience that is fun, effective, and seamlessly integrates into our daily routine on our own terms: conference calls, watching television, business travel, kid’s activities, office meetings, personal leisure time and more. We believe the best way to make this possible is with a portable exercise system that can match the calorie burn of expensive equipment, but can seamlessly weave in and out of our life and be available at the exact time and place we have available to exercise.

While there are other lightweight and/or portable exercise devices on the market, they’ve had to sacrifice high levels of intensity and high ranges of resistance because they just aren’t durable enough (example, they scoot across the floor or have weight limitations). In addition, these devices are often too large and awkward to be easily transported or stored.

Excy is a premium quality portable exercise system crafted like no other for burning calories and toning and sculpting, as well as just getting your body moving more. See the blow chart for how Excy stands up to other equipment.

Calculations based on a 130-pound woman

Calculations based on a 130-pound woman

So, if you’re looking for more ways to fit fitness into your life, whether at work, home, or on the go, Excy’s unique approach just might be the answer!

Here are a few examples of how the Excy portable total body exercise cycling system works.


Visit our Kickstarter campaign for more details: Fit Fitness Anywhere At Work, Home, And On The Go!


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