Over the last year, I have discovered something about myself. Isolation to a room is a barrier to exercise for me. Don’t get me wrong, there are times when I absolutely love being alone, like in the morning when I’m drinking my coffee before the rest of the house wakes up. But, when it comes to exercise, I’ve never been able to consistently create a fitness habit to meet the American Heart Associations’ minimum recommendation for weekly exercise at home or a gym while doing it alone. I just get bored.

What I have discovered about one of Excy’s biggest benefits, is not only that it’s an amazing system with all the resistance, versatility, and convenience that I need for a total body workout, it also weaves right into my routine with my family and doesn’t require me to be isolated to a particular room.

In a world where the word “social” these days means Facebook and digital communications, Excy makes exercise social in the real world, where you can create a positive association between exercise, relationships, and your lifestyle while creating quite a few cheerleaders along the way. For example, I’ve had some of my best 20 minute workouts while watching TV with my family, playing Yahtzee with my son, or even during playdates and family holidays. All, while still being present, but also making my health a priority. In addition, because Excy is so portable and weighs only 10 pounds, you can take it anywhere for a group exercise cycling experience with friends, including mixing up the location due to weather or even for a change of scenery. You can even do it on the sidelines of your kid’s soccer practice. This level of social exercise ends up creating an incredibly supportive environment within your existing eco-system of friends and family that just might be the ticket to behavior change for many.


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