At Excy, we believe a little more activity is better than less activity.  So, we’ve created a high quality portable exercise system that is convenient at the places we spend the most time: work, home, and wherever else our busy schedules take us.

This new approach combines a compact, lightweight, and effective portable device with a mobile coach for motivation that makes it possible to get more activity in your life anywhere, anytime. Excy is so convenient, efficient, and accessible on your terms that we think you’ll discover a time and place that you never even thought of to become more active during your normal routine without disrupting your lifestyle.

Get More Activity at Work

But, why not just use an existing portable exercise device?

A quick search on Amazon and you’ll discover all sorts of portable exercise cycles. But, they are a hassle to haul around and aren’t high enough quality to quickly burn a lot of calories, get a vigorous workout, or strength train. For example, they scoot across the floor as you pick up the intensity (often times even at a light or moderate level) and the resistance is minimal. They are also off limits to many of the people who need them the most because they just don’t fit people’s lifestyles.

Excy weighs 10 pounds and is easy to carry

Excy weighs 10 pounds and is easy to carry

Excy’s capabilities are in line with high quality, heavy home fitness equipment in durability, resistance, and performance, but it weighs 10 pounds. It turns any chair into a recumbent cycle + offers an upper body cycle workout that you typically can only match at a physical therapy clinic or a gym that offers an upper body ergometer.

Get a quick upper body workout anywhere, anytime

Get more activity anywhere, anytime


Excy Turns Any Chair Into A Recumbent Exercise Cycle

Excy turns any chair into a recumbent exercise cycle

Our patent-pending approach to keeping it stationary and ability to provide unlimited variable resistance at your fingertips is unmatched in a portable device. There are no weight limits. You can see how Excy stacks up against others in our calorie burn comparison chart here:

So, if you are looking to get more activity in your life, Excy is the answer! It will absolutely be available to you at the exact time and place you have available to be more active on your terms.

Check out our Kickstarter campaign here for more details:

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