Excy works likes a conventional Upper Body Ergometer (UBE) in which you essentially “pedal” with your hands and can do amazing upper body rotary routines for core training, upper-body cardiovascular and strength conditioning. You simply adjust the resistance to be an easy or high-intensity workout to build upper-body muscular fitness, boost aerobic capacity, and burn calories. Not only is it more fun compared to other arm workouts, but you can also firm and tone arms and shoulders without ever lifting a weight or stepping into a gym. Excy offers a wide selection of arm workout configurations such as exercising while kneeling, sitting, or standing that can be done indoors or outdoors. Based on research of other stationary upper body cycles, we believe you’ll burn an estimated 9-13 calories per minute while using Excy as an upper body cycle. Always start with a warm up for the best results.

Excy Cycle Your Upper Body to Sculpt Arms

Excy Cycle Your Upper Body to Sculpt Arms

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