Exercising with a friend or group often makes it more likely that you’ll not only stick with exercise, but you also might find yourself exercising longer and harder than going it alone. Exercising with others keeps you accountable and makes it easier to schedule exercise during the week. A workout buddy can also offer support and encouragement, and simply makes working out more fun. Tips for finding and keeping a workout buddy: Create or join an Excy MeetUp. Meetup.com is a massive network of grassroots community groups and we hope to see several Friends of Excy start, join and participate in Excy group workouts. Check your local meet-ups and get involved. Inviting a friend to workout with you can also help keep you inspired and hold you accountable. If they have an Excy device, then great, meet up at a convenient place and get moving. If not, you can still meet up at a park and do Excy while they run.

Excy Total Body Portable Exercise System

Excy Total Body Portable Exercise System

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