Multi-Task Excy to Fit Fitness Anywhere

Multi-Task Excy to Fit Fitness Anywhere

Even if your day is packed with work and family obligations, Excy makes it easy to multi-task versatile workouts into your regular routine without requiring you to go to the gym, lift weights, or even leave the house. In fact, any moment, whether leisure TV time or while on-the go, can be turned into an opportunity to get exercise. Some ideas: Combine TV watching with a quick Excy workout even while spending time with those you love. Excy while the kids are doing their homework, during a routine conference call, while playing a board game with the kids, during a play date, while getting the oil changed and even on the sideline of your kid’s sport activities. Also, Excy isn’t just for adults. It’s for kids too! Soften the blow of homework by letting the kids take a spin on Excy or have them do a short burst on Excy to refocus their energy when they appear to need a break. Get creative and you may find that it’s not that hard to exercise daily. If you approach multitasking your Excy workouts with an open mind, you’ll see how you can stay in shape during everyday activities. If it’s too cold or hot to go outside, try switching up the rooms where you use the Excy portable exercise bike.


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