Who doesn’t need their couch potato time? Whether it’s catching your favorite TV show, checking social media and email, or reading a favorite book while spending time with the family, we all need our couch time on occasion. But, who says this time has to be sedentary all the time?

If you, and your family, prefer the cushion of your own couch or comfortable chair over the noise and crowd at your local gym, then the Excy portable total body exercise cycling system might be just what you are looking for. Not only does Excy turn any chair into a quality recumbent exercise bike that won’t scoot away at high levels of intensity, it also easily converts into an upper body table and floor cycle with unmatched bi-directional adjustable resistance in a portable exercise device. Excy is compact, lightweight at 10 pounds, and folds up easily to store it out of the way. It even fits in the overhead of an airplane so you can take it with you anywhere.

Exercise from the Couch with Excy as a Chair Cycle


Turn Any Chair Into A Recumbent Exercise Bike

Excy easily turns your couch into a recumbent exercise cycle. You simply sit on the couch (or a chair) using Excy’s patented Keeper and you can cycle and crank your legs quietly to burn some serious calories, tone and define your muscles, and get your body moving towards better health. The faster you move, the more calories you can burn. The higher you crank the resistance, the more you tone. You can crank up the resistance to get the burn of a spin class, cycle in reverse to work opposing muscles, or take it for a nice easy spin. You can even workout your arms from the couch by simply leaning over while seated and spin your arms! It’s great for beginners as well as advanced athletes because the patent-pending resistance scales to your fitness levels. You can also move Excy to the floor and use it in a recumbent bike position to engage your core.

Excy is a Cross Trainer! Use Excy Like an Upper Body Ergometer


Sculpt and Tone Arms With Excy

Excy also offers a unique cross training capability to focus on the upper body as a way to build cardio fitness, upper body strength, and core stability. It’s fun, easy to do, and since Excy is so portable, you can do it anywhere, anytime! You can use Excy as an upper body cycle on the floor, on a table, or from the couch. If you’ve ever wanted to really focus on sculpting your arms, shoulders, upper back and chest, Excy is an amazing choice.

Excy Is Unmatched In Versatility, Durability, And Portability With Quality Resistance

At Excy, we place great value on the importance of premium quality, fine attention to detail, and total reliability. Other lightweight and/or portable exercise equipment on the market sacrifice high levels of intensity and high ranges of resistance because the devices aren’t durable enough (example, they scoot across the floor or have weight limitations). In addition, these devices are often too large and awkward to be easily transported or stored. Excy matches the quality of expensive home exercise equipment for burning  calories, but it weighs 10 pounds!

Watch the video to see how it works!

Our goal is to bring the quality experience Excy offers to everyone, whether fitness beginner, athlete, special needs, seniors, or those with injuries, who wants more convenient access to cardio and strength training exercise at home, work, or on the go!

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