People have a lot going on in their lives and don’t always feel like they have time for exercise, which is why we not only designed Excy to work anywhere, we also designed it for people to squeeze in short bursts of high intensity burst play-like workouts in the midst of everyday life.

The Excy portable total body cycling system is lightweight and versatile

Take Excy Anywhere!

At one free moment 10 times a day, use Excy as a recumbent exercise bike or upper body ergometer and go as hard as you can for as long as you can (at least 20-60 seconds). Then, come back later during a break in your schedule and do it again. Do this so that you have 10 intense bursts throughout the day and it doesn’t have to be the same movement. In fact, we encourage you to switch it up (remember: Excy offers a wide selection of exercise configurations such as exercising arms or legs while kneeling, sitting, or in a lying down position). No need to break a sweat with your short Excy bursts, as a quick energizing of your body what these tiny workouts are all about. You should start gradually, preferably by working your way through a 20-second burst first, then build up from there. Exercise doesn’t have to be done all it once and doesn’t have to involve drudgery. In fact, exercise can be quite playful and fun, especially when done in bursts. Some quick ideas: when you wake up, quick breaks at work, quick stops on a road trip, before a meal, before your morning/evening commute, before doing homework with the kids, before watching TV or during commercial breaks, or before bedtime if it exercise does not tend to interrupt your sleep.


Use Excy to Tone Upper and Lower Body

You can use the mobile coaching app to monitor your exercise cycling bursts! Email us to get access to the beta at


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