We’re excited to announce that the future of convenient, anywhere resistance-based exercise cycling is here! The new Excy total body portable exercise bike systems are now available for pre-order and will be ready to ship the first week in April!

Excy total body portable exercise bike turns any chair into a recumbent exercise bike and works as an upper body cycle

Just over five months ago, we introduced Excy to the world with our Kickstarter launch. We hit our funding goal, shipped our first portable exercise bikes to our early Kickstarter supporters in December, and have had fun connecting with customers to get feedback and hear their stories.

For some, Excy has made the impossible possible! We’ve had two Excy Friends who tore their ACL and meniscus use Excy as an upper body cycle to build aerobic capacity, upper body strength, and core stability while burning a lot of calories pre and post surgery. One was injured playing tennis and the other while skiing. As they moved into their physical therapy and rehab phase, they’ve also been able to use Excy slowly to strengthen their legs. We have one early adopter with fibromyalgia and Lyme disease who has been able to tone her arms and legs and create an exercise habit, which previously felt impossible. We’ve helped a senior increase range of motion so she could take her own shirt off. We also have an Excy system in a local school to help children with special needs stay active in the classroom.

Excy total body portable exercise bike upper body cycle workouts

For the health conscious and athletes, Excy has been about burning more calories and toning. People have enjoyed the versatility of Excy as a cross trainer for a wide variety of upper body and lower body workouts. With 22 pounds of bi-directional resistance force in both forward and reverse motions, we really do have something for everyone. You can absolutely match or exceed the calorie burn of an elliptical, treadmill, rower, and spin bike, but Excy weighs 10 pounds, takes up minimum space and you can do it anywhere, anytime!

Excy Portable Exercise Bike Has Unmatched Bi-Directional Resistance

For others, Excy has become part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle! We’ve helped eliminate lack of time as an obstacle to exercise because Excy makes quality total body exercise cycling available at the exact time and place people want it at home, work, or on the go! Our Excy Friends have sent photos capturing using Excy as a recumbent exercise bike on their couch while while watching the presidential debates, the Superbowl, and even on vacation. We’ve also received pictures of kids using Excy and one customer even bought Excy for her children to exercise while they play video games. Another early supporter has lost nearly 20 pounds by cross training between the Excy lower body cycling and upper body cycling workouts.

Excy Turns Any Chair into a Recumbent Exercise Bike and scuplts arms as an upper body cycle

In one compact, lightweight, and durable 10 pound cross training cycling system, you can quickly be on your way to burning calories and toning muscles anywhere. You can move Excy room-to-room at home, turn conference calls into workouts, organize group bootcamps anywhere, or even turn your kid’s soccer game into a sideline fitness opportunity. Whatever you choose, you’ll never be isolated to a gym, one room or even a four walls. The Excy Mobile coaching application will make it even more fun with ondemand coaching, streamed video workouts, tutorials, and will help keep track of results!


Excy Mobile Coaching Application Serves Up Ondemand workouts and tracks results


We are just getting started and can’t wait to share more about the incredible experiences from our Excy Friends. We look forward to helping others unlock all the benefits of the new Excy total body portable exercise bike experience. You’ll be shocked at what’s possible! Take a quick glance at the YouTube video for a snap shot of some of the Excy workouts!


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