When we created Excy, we loved the concepts of a folding bike: small structure, easy to store out of the way, or carry on board a car, boat, plane, or public transportation. Why? Because our goal with Excy is to make exercise more convenient by connecting fitness to the places we spend the most time.

For example, at Excy cycle work
Excy cycle at home
Excy cycle on the go!


Now of course, Excy is not a transportation device like a folding bike. But, similar to a folding bike, Excy offers a distinct combination of folding portability, folding ease, and compactness.

Excy is a Portable Folding Bike


Like a folding bike that gives you flexibility to be on your way from point A to B, we made Excy convenient so that you could immediately exercise at the exact time and place you have available during your busy schedule. In a lightweight, durable, and portable cross training cycling system, Excy can be converted into a recumbent exercise bike using any chair, a sitting or standing upper body arm exercise cycle, or a recumbent floor exercise cycle. It’s compact, quiet, and takes seconds to set up. Excy provides a broad range of light to high-intensity interval training (HIIT) low impact workouts for toning the upper and lower-body, boosting aerobic capacity and burning calories. You can move it room-to-room at home, turn conference calls into workouts, organize group fitness boot camps anywhere, or even turn your kid’s soccer game into a sideline fitness opportunity. Whatever you choose, you’ll never be isolated to a gym, one room or even a four walls.

How Does Excy Work?

Our core patent-pending approach keeps Excy stable with unmatched bi-directional resistance and quality in a portable cycle, making it easy to conveniently turn what you already have—a chair, table, and floor—into a robust total body cross trainer that can be used anywhere, anytime. Other lightweight and/or portable exercise devices on the market have had to sacrifice high levels of intensity and high ranges of resistance because the devices aren’t durable enough (example, they scoot across the floor or have weight limitations). In addition, these devices are often too large and awkward to be easily transported or stored. Excy matches the quality of expensive home exercise equipment for burning  calories, but it weighs 10 pounds!

So, if you’re not looking for transportation, we think Excy is absolutely the best indoor or outdoor exercise cycling system for a total body workout. But, if looking for transportation, a quick search for a folding bike on Amazon captures the innovation taking place in the folding bike market.

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