Exciting news for people who like High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)–You can now download the iOS Excy Mobile Coach!

The interval training mobile app is optimized for our indoor/outdoor Excy cross training cycling experience, but it’s also a lot of fun for interval training overall, whether running outside or on a treadmill, or riding an exercise cycle or spin bike. We absolutely love interval training for many of the reasons that the New York Times highlights in a recent article, including that it may be even better than regular aerobic activities for many people with conditions like heart disease, diabetes, stroke, pulmonary disease, arthritis and Parkinson’s disease.

There’s a lot of recent research highlighting the benefits of HIIT, including the report the New York Times references titled “Where Does HIT Fit? An Examination of the Affective Response to High-Intensity Intervals in Comparison to Continuous Moderate- and Continuous Vigorous-Intensity Exercise in the Exercise Intensity-Affect Continuum.” They reference HIIT as “involving relatively brief bursts of vigorous exercise separated by periods of recovery.” It also highlights “accumulating evidence that indicates that HIT induces similar health-enhancing adaptations when compared to continuous exercise, despite a substantially lower time commitment.”

In our first six guided Excy Mobile Coaching workouts, not only can you rock your cardio, but also integrate strength training within your HIIT workout for your upper body, lower body and your core, whether you’re a fitness beginner or athlete.Those without an Excy cycling system will really like the Burst Play workout, where you can control your bursts and resting periods.


Excy High Intensity Interval Training AppExcy Interval Training AppExcy High Intensity Interval Training App










With 1 to 30 pounds of bi-directional resistance, you will be shocked at the power you can produce and since Excy is a portable exercise machine, you can take it anywhere! We’re so excited about the health benefits of HIIT workouts and we’re all about eliminating lack of time as a barrier to exercise.

Feel free to download the iOS Excy Mobile Coach, enjoy, and let us know what you think! Feedback is welcome! This is 1.0. We have big plans for mobile. Stay tuned!

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