Life Hacker calls Excy “A Full-Fledged Exercise Bike in a Tiny Package.” Check out the review here. Life Hacker also highlighted our arm bike workouts, which can engage more upper body muscles than an elliptical machine, so you’ll get your full body workout anywhere….minus the big heavy equipment!

These are some of our favorite Life Hacker highlights!

“Excy is like a polite houseguest: It stays out of your way when you’re busy, but it’s up for fun whenever you are.”

“This isn’t just a pedal-while-you-chill situation: Excy wants to be your go-to for intense workouts.”

“You can use this with any chair, or even a couch. But then Excy gets really interesting when you realize you can set it up in more than one way—and even use it as an arm bike.”

“Arm biking with Excy is no joke. I did the Arm Candy workout with the resistance cranked way up, and in just seven minutes I got one of the best arm strength workouts I’ve had in a long time.”

“The sweet spot for Excy is probably a person who wants to do cycling workouts, and who has the budget to consider a full sized exercise bike but not the space for one. (Cynical upside: it’s too small to become an unwieldy clothing rack.) It’s also great if you want to keep up with cardio but have an injury or disability that affects your legs.”

You can use the Excy Mobile Coach for interval training without an Excy, so give it a try! Download here.

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